Fr. Todd Bulletin, August 15, 2021

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

It is good to be back after a very refreshing time of retreat and vacation.  Fr. Ginu—thank you again for stepping in to cover Masses right after you moved in! This weekend we celebrate the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, which lands on a Sunday.  Under her care and intercession, may we walk ever more faithfully our Christian walk.

There are two events coming up I want to particularly mention.

The first is an update on Realigning Resources for Mission:

Back in the fall of 2019—which seems like an eternity ago since Covid hit—the Diocese started a process called Realigning Resources for Mission.  Over the past two years, there have been ongoing meetings and consultations looking at plans for helping parishes be as healthy as they can be while working cooperatively with each other.  This committee is now ready to roll out a proposed draft of what that model could look like.

 RRM Regional Meetings

Sunday, August 29, 2021 • 6:30pm to 8:30pm

The Realigning Resources for Mission committee invites you to join them on the evening of Sunday, August 29, 2021 when they will present to you the proposed drafts of parish groupings within the Diocese of Lansing. Your feedback is important to them and to Bishop Earl Boyea.

There will be a virtual Zoom option available to watch all the main presentations, but only those who attend in person will be able to participate in the live Q&A. All participants, in-person and online, will have a survey available to give feedback.


Father Gabriel Richard High School, Ann Arbor
Powers Catholic High School, Flint
Lumen Christi High School, Jackson
Lansing Catholic High School, Lansing


The second is the Michigan Catholic Women’s Conference:

This will a great day to be rebuilt and refreshed in your faith with women from all over Michigan.

Outpouring: His Love – Our Hearts

October 16 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm – $50.

The Lansing Center, Lansing Michigan

Purchase your tickets today at

Early bird registration available through Sept. 7.


God Bless!

Fr. Todd


Are you your own worst critic?

Dear Lord,

Please tell me the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is. ~Benedictine Nun

So often we have an inner voice that is critical. A voice that is not helpful nor inspiring. It is a voice in our own head that is just mean and can leave us feeling pretty dark about the way we handle conversations, decisions, habits, the way we look and the mistakes we might have made. Yes, I know that I am far from perfect but does the voice in my head need to remind me over and over again. Maybe that voice leads to worry and anxiety or can keep us from trying new things or being courageous. The inner critic must be stopped. Yes, I know, but the voice is so persistent and routed deep within me.

The Holy Spirit should be the voice in our head. The Holy Spirit is truthful but loving and inspiring. The Holy Spirit guides our minds to our loving, merciful God.  How do I get that ugly little critic in my head to leave and get the Holy Spirit to come be my coach and mentor?

When I go to bed and when I wake up, the first thing I do is to ask whichever questions from this list come to my mind through prayer. I talk with God about the day and it becomes quite easy to feel how beautiful I am through God who loves me without condition. Sometimes, maybe after an event or a meeting, I need to take a moment and “get my mind right” before continuing with the Holy Spirit firmly in my head.


Here is a list of question that help to bring my soul back to spiritual fitness:

What made me happy today?

What am I looking forward to?

What accomplishment am I proud of?

What made me feel satisfied?

Who did I help today?

What went right today?

When was I protected today?

What was a blessing that I witnessed today?

Who loved me today?

Who helped me today?

Who gave me grace today?

Did I get to witness any of God’s plans come together today?

What am I grateful for?

Do not let anything else seep in. Control your thoughts to just these questions and become connected to your own mind through God’s love for you. You are so loved and you are so beautiful!


Anne Atkin, Principal



Students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.

Serving the Community. Teaching our students to live and model the Catholic faith. Reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus.

Remaining structured with the purpose of graduating students who are prepared to persevere.


Mass Intentions August 14-22

Saturday, August 14

4:30pm ~ Raymond Oates ~ 4th Anniversary by Katie

Sunday, August 15

8:00am ~ Elizabeth Marry by Tony Marry & Betty Camp

11:00am ~ Beth Beal by Bill

Monday, August 16

8:00am ~ People of the Parish

Tuesday, August 17

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ Marybeth Cottington by Joe & Pam Marry

Wednesday, August 18

8:00am ~ Don Wines by Kay Chartfield

Thursday, August 19

8:00am ~ Nan Gregory ~ 30 Day by Cousins

Friday, August 20

8:00am ~ Mike Sanborn by Chres Reuter Family

Saturday, August 21

4:30pm ~ Mary Smith by Mel

Sunday, August 22

8:00am ~ Mike Sanborn ~ 2nd Anniversary by Tony & Linda Marry

11:00am ~ Carol Foreman ~ 3rd Anniversary by Tim & Laura Stanley


August is the month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

August is the month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, full of goodness, show your love towards us. Let the flame of your heart, O Mary, descend on all people.  We love you immensely.  Impress true love in our hearts so that we have a continuous desire for you. O Mary, gentle and humble of heart, remember us when we are in sin.  You know that all men sin. Give us, by means of your Immaculate Heart, spiritual health.  Let us always see the goodness of your motherly heart and may we be converted by means of the flame of your heart.



Final Mary Meeting by Seamus!

           Ave Maria hermanos y hermanas! Why the Spanish? I have no idear. I suppose we are a universal Catholic Church. Yes, the beauty of Catholicism! Well, it is with sadness in my heart to inform you that this will be my final bulletin column. Tammy has finally fired me. She just couldn’t take it any longer. I keep going over the 500-word wordcount, and it just isn’t going to work out. So, I’ll pack up my bags and move back to Detroit for another year at Seminary. Maybe the priests and professors there will finally teach me the skill of being concise. I sure hope so! Pray for me.

            In all honesty and with jokes aside, I am going to miss you all very much. All of you at Sacred Heart will be remembered. There are so many memories to cherish in my heart: fieldtrip with the 5th and 6th to the Toledo Cathedral, the Sacred Heart 5K, the golf outing, the youth group kickball night, Book of Tobit Bible Study, our Marian Consecration meetings, and yes Father Todd being caught with a fishing hook by an unnamed parishioner. Yes, indeed, Hudson is a special place. What does the local sign say? “Little town, big heart.” I love it. It is so true.

            I wish to share with you what is on my heart. God is writing a beautiful story with each and every one of your lives. He is the master Storyteller. His love and His mercy run so deeply within our hearts that when we hear and see His story unfold in our own lives, it echoes within us. There is a peace and calm that comes in following God’s will in our lives. I can testify that I am truly blessed. I am blessed that God led me to you all this summer of 2021. It was a chapter in my life story that came with many beautiful surprises and graces.

            There is a word that I want to share with you. S-T-O-R-Y which means Sanctity is not Trusting in Ourselves but in Remembering YAHWEH. God wants each and every one of us to become a saint. This is how He created us to be—to be whole and holy. Always remember, God wants us to be saints more than we even want to be saints. His grace is always sufficient, always abundant. Not always felt, but it is always there. I pray you all become saints. We don’t have to rely on ourselves or our own will power, but can trust in Him. He will sanctify us. All He asks of us is that we freely cooperate. May we do so.

            I beg the Blessed Virgin to not let me forget all the rich graces I received this summer. May we all turn to her, our Mother. She is so loving, so tender, so merciful. She wants to pick us up and run us to Jesus as fast as she can. May we always trust this mystery in the spiritual life. “Let us run with perseverance the race that has been set before us, looking to Jesus, who is the pioneer and perfector of our faith” (Hebrews 12:1-2). May we run with our whole heart! Let us start the race, and finish with God’s grace.

In the Immaculata,

P.S. Eat some M&M’s for me please.

Sacred Heart/St. Mary on the Lake Holy Land Pilgrimage is cancelled for October 2021 & How to Cancel Instructions!

Hello everyone,

I am sorry to say that I am canceling our Holy Land Pilgrimage planned for this fall.  

We are short of the minimum number of people needed (largely due to uncertainty about Covid) and the pandemic appears to be getting worse again, not better.  Additionally, I saw today that the CDC has raised the travel advisory on Israel to the highest level.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience of this all.  I had been looking forward to this trip but it is not meant to be for this year.  I will be talking with Evelyn at Select International this week to finalize it and I will pass any information along that she provides.

While I would love to lead this pilgrimage I want to make sure it can be planned again when Covid is well and truly behind us.  

Fr. Todd


Dear Pilgrims,

I have been talking with Evelyn to see what our options are for canceling the trip.

There are two main options.  You can cancel right now which would mean not getting back the non-refundable portion of your fee.

Another option for those who have insurance is to wait until October 5th to cancel.  Right now, there is a mandated quarantine in effect in Israel which would trigger the insurance.  If that quarantine mandate remains in effect until October 5th, which is within two weeks of the time we would have traveled, filing an insurance claim should get back even the non-refundable fee (not counting your insurance fee).  I recommend this option just in the event that we could recoup everything.

For anyone without insurance please call Evelyn at Select International and they will see what they can do.

Fr. Todd

The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary falls on Sunday, August 15, 2021

The first Holy Day of Obligation to occur since the dispensation from attending Mass due to COVID was lifted, falls this Sunday, August 15, at a time when you would normally attend Mass anyway. The Assumption of the Blessed Mother celebrates the end of Mary’s life on earth, when she was taken body and soul into Heaven. This event is not recorded in Scripture, but it has been a long-held Christian belief since the first century. The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines this belief:

The Immaculate Virgin, preserved
free from all stain of original sin,
when the course of her earthly life
was finished, was taken up body and
soul into heavenly glory, and exalted
by the Lord as Queen over all things,
so that she might be the more fully
conformed to her Son, the Lord of
lords and conqueror of sin and death.
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
is a singular participation in her Son’s
Resurrection and an anticipation of
the resurrection of other Christians:
“In giving birth you kept your
virginity; in your Dormition you did
not leave the world, O Mother of
God, but were joined to the source of
Life. You conceived the living God
and, by your prayers, will deliver our
souls from death”
(Catechismpar. 966).

May she who is sinless help all of us to imitate her that we may sin less. This feast is closely related to the belief that Mary was conceived without sin and ever-virgin. Preserved free from sin, Mary was also saved from the decay of death.