Called to serve


August 21-22

4:30 PM

Lector:                      Judy Schutte

Eucharist Min:        Deacon John

8:00 AM

Lector:                      Angie Monahan

Eucharist Min:        Deacon John

11:00 AM

Lector:                      Cathy Sliker

Eucharist Min:        Deacon John



August 28-29

4:30 PM

Lector:                      Trish Weaver

Eucharist Min:        Bobbye Sanford

Servers:                    Ryden Luma

8:00 AM

Lector:                      Connie Varney

Eucharist Min:        Tony Marry

Servers:                    Tinkey Family

11:00 AM

Lector: Bob Gilson

Eucharist Min: Dee Bellman

Servers: Emily, Alex & Annabelle Czeisperger



Click here to see the complete schedule……  serversched Aug-Nov21

Catholic Biblical School

Continue the Bishop’s Year of the Bible with a September to May Catholic Biblical School Class in Adrian (Old Testament Prophets) or Jackson (Gospels, Acts, and Paul)

Called to Return to Love: The Old Testament Prophets meets Tuesdays 7-9 pm at Holy Family in Adrian and is taught by Cathryn Torgerson, MA.

Encountering Jesus and Joining His Mission: The Gospels, Acts, and Paul meets Mondays 7-9 pm at Queen of the Miraculous Medal in Jackson and is taught by Steve Rouhana, MA.

 Through donations, classes are accessible to all with 100% of requests for financial aid granted. Register at Contact or call/text 586-438-3085.


Mass Intentions August 21-29

Saturday, August 21

4:30pm ~ Mary Smith by Mel

Sunday, August 22

8:00am ~ Mike Sanborn ~ 2nd Anniversary by Tony & Linda Marry

11:00am ~ Carol Foreman ~ 3rd Anniversary by Tim & Laura Stanley

Monday, August 23

8:00am ~ Arthur Bramer ~37th Anniversary by Chres Reuter Family

Tuesday, August 24

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ People of the Parish

Wednesday, August 25

8:00am Allen John Marry by Aunt Bobbye & Aunt Mel

Thursday, August 26

8:00am ~ Shirley Norell ~ 90th Birthday by Dan & Ann Emrick

Friday, August 27

8:00am ~ Pat Reuter ~ 17th Anniversary by Chres Reuter Family

Saturday, August 28

4:30pm ~ John Hartley ~ 3rd Anniversary by Cathy

Sunday, August 29

8:00am ~ Phil Fether ~ 2nd Anniversary by Joe & Pam Marry

11:00am ~ John Mullaly by Family


Beginning Friday, September 3, our Friday Mass will be at 9:00am with the school children.


Knights of Columbus News

Once again it was a very difficult choice for the K of C Scholarship.  So many talented young men and women applied.  It was a very close race.

The winner of this years K of C scholarship is Alex Darnell

Sincerely, Ron Stacey

Grand Knight Council 3221



I wanted to give everyone an update on how Kimberly is doing.  If you haven’t heard, Kimberly has been at Henry Ford Hospital in Jackson for the past 2 weeks.  Initially, I took her into ER for severe exhaustion and dehydration.  She tested positive for COVID and spent 4 days receiving all the COVID treatments of anti-virus meds, oxygen, and steroids. I brought Kimberly home a week ago Sunday, but she was back in ER via ambulance less than 48 hours later with low oxygen levels and difficulty breathing.  She has been in the hospital since then fighting pneumonia.  It has been an up and down struggle, but in the last 24 hours Kimberly appears to doing a little better.  Because of the COVID protocols, I have not been able to see or visit her.  Kimberly has called me a few times, sounding weak but upbeat.  As of yesterday (Monday, Aug 16), the doctors have hope she could come home later this week depending on her need for supplemental oxygen to breath.

As for me, I’m doing OK.  I experienced some minor COVID symptoms the first week and am feeling fine now.   I’ve been spending a lot of time at our kid’s house in Onsted helping them get moved in.  It has been a blessing that they live so close and are taking good care of me.  It has also been very comforting to receive your cards, texts, and prayers over the past 2 weeks.  Feeling the love and support of our parish families has been wonderful and helps to make this a little more bearable for both of us.  We look forward to getting back in the groove someday soon and seeing everyone again.

May you have a Blessed week. 
Deacon John

The Middle School & High School Vocations Night was a success!

We had 18 middle and high schoolers join us from our 2 parishes for our “Let’s Taco-Bout Vocations” youth night!  It was an amazing evening filled with a special Mass, good food, great fellowship, and wonderful presentations! We were blessed to be inspired with talks by a devout married couple–Carter and Elyse Courtney, 2 wonderful Sisters from Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Ann Arbor—Sisters Marie Jeanette and Martha Mary, and our amazing priest—Father Todd with his faithful Seminarian sidekicks, Randy, Josh, and Dan. The kids also had an opportunity to ask some really thoughtful questions. We are all looking forward to our next event!!


RCIA   The Journey of Faith begins with your questions?  What is faith?  How does it grow? What do Catholics believe and why is it different from other faith traditions?  The sessions for Christian Initiation of Adults are available for anyone who wants to learn about the Catholic faith. The process begins with an Inquiry Period when questions are explored.  Drop in – no obligation, no commitment, no pressure.

If you would like to take this journey of faith, call  Linda Higgins at 517-286-6426 to set up an appointment.  Already Catholic? If you love your faith and would like to help mentor someone on their journey, please sign up to be a sponsor.