Mr. & Mrs. Koenigsknecht celebrate 40 years!


Congratulations to Brian and Agnes Koenigsknecht on celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary!

Brian and Agnes are Fr. Todd’s parents! Their kids sent them on a 4 day trip and then they came home to a 2 1/2 day party with their kids and grandkids! They had a private family Mass on their anniversary. The pic was taken at their church with the flowers they placed on the Mary altar. They had yellow roses for their wedding.

Knights of Columbus News

K of C News

The Hudson Council of the Knights of Columbus invites all members, wives and family members to pray the rosary daily for the return of our country to God.  We invite all parishioners of Sacred and St. Mary on the Lake to join us our effort for the recommitment of our country to God the Father..

Brother knights are also encouraged to the Eucharistic Adoration on the third Tuesday of the month for our country. Please ask your family and friends to pray that our country may return to God and again become a Christian nation, our weapon against the evil that is over taking our country is prayer.

Jim Friedrich


Encounter School of Ministry Summer Intensive Program

Encounter Ministries, headquartered at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Brighton, MI.  We are so grateful for the welcome and encouragement from Bishop Earl Boyea and from so many friends in the Diocese of Lansing who have attended our events and support our mission to teach, equip, and activate disciples to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. We invite you to consider the Encounter School of Ministry as an opportunity to experience the joy of the Gospel and growth in identity, confidence, mission, and openness to God’s beautiful plan for your life.

  • Registration is now open for the Encounter School of Ministry! Classes begin this fall, with both onsite and online campuses.
  • Our Summer Intensive will be offered at our Main Campus, July 12-15. This course offers a survey of the first four quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry in just four days! More info
  • The Online Campus Summer Intensive is also available for those who require more flexibility in their schedule. More information can be found here.

More Information & Resources

We also invite you to read Bishop Boyea’s welcome to Encounter Ministries, and listen to the Diocese of Lansing Podcast with our President and Co-Founder Fr. Mathias Thelen!

  • VIEW: Bishop Support and Welcome Statements!
  • WATCH: Encounter School of Ministry Promo!
You can also check out testimonials on our Facebook page or on our websites:

Thirteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time 6/27/2021

St. Mary on the Lake Parish
Thirteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time
Sunday, June 27, 2021
Part #1
Part #2

Mark tells us that this girl was 12, hardly a “little girl” by the standards of the day. But Jesus shows the Father’s love for her by using this term of endearment.

The 6:00 pm Mass was offered for the intention of Robert Millies+
The 9:30 am Mass will be offered for the intention of Ed Jeffery+

The Mass intentions at Sacred Heart were offered for the following:
4:30 pm – Chad Meredith+
8:00 am – Deceased members of the Harold and RoseAnn Friedrich Family+
11:00 am – Arthur Arroro+