Marriage Prep – Natural Family Planning

Marriage Preparation for Jackson, Hillsdale and Lenawee County Parishes

Thanks to all who have encouraged couples to attend the in-person classes offered at St. Mary Star of the Sea in Jackson and St. Anthony of Padua in Hillsdale (Introduction to NFP and Introduction to the Billings Ovulation Method) over the past 5 years. Your support is greatly appreciated.

 In collaboration with the Diocesan Director of Fertility and Life Ministries (Jenny Ingles) and in support of the new guidelines for the Marriage Catechumenate we are making some changes to what will be offered as an Introduction to Natural Family Planning in our area.

 Beginning in SEPTEMBER of 2021, instead of offering the 2 hour Introduction to NFP, we will be offering a class titled: Introduction to Natural Family Planning-Making Observations at 3 parish locations (see flyer attached).   This will be designed as a follow-up class to the Diocesan FREE SELF-PACED ONLINE Introduction to NFP that all couples are now required to take.  Couples can register for this class at

The online class will provide all couples with the same information on Church Teaching (i.e. Humane Vitae, Theology of the Body) and some basic information about NFP and the 4 methods available in the diocese from local instructors (in-person) or online.  If you prefer, the online class can be offered in person by contacting Jenny Ingles at the Diocese.

 Why the changes? Based on the evaluations received from the classes, couples are asking for more hands-on (practical) experience to help them understand how the science of NFP is applied, BEFORE they decide whether or not they actually want to learn a method of NFP right now. In addition, couples who choose not to learn a specific method or are currently unable to chart, will receive some basic information about how to make observations using the science of NFP and God’s design for fertility awareness.  We hope this class will encourage more couples to arrange to take a course of instruction.

 The in-person 2 hour INTRODUCTION to NFP-MAKING OBSERVATIONS will NOT duplicate what the couples learn on-line. It will be taught by a Registered Nurse, who is a certified instructor in the Billings Ovulation Method. However the class will provide general information on the SymptoThermal, Marquette and Creighton methods as well. Couples will be encouraged to sign up for further instruction in the method of their choice. They will receive a participation certificate.

 What do couples need to do?

  • Register for the 2 hour FREE ONLINE Introduction to NFP offered by the Diocese of Lansing. They can complete this at their own pace from home at a time convenient for them.
  • Sign up for the FREE 2 hour INTRODUCTION to NFP-MAKING OBSERVATIONS CLASS that will be offered at various parishes in the area. (See attached).

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact Maria Ansett BSN RN IBCLC at or 517-974-2330 (call or text).  Your Parish Office should receive a mailing soon with flyers you can share with couples or feel free to copy the attached schedule.



Maria Ansett BSN RN.


SHS Upcoming Events

Saturday, July 10th ~ SHS Golf Outing with an Ice Cream Social from 11:00-2:00 at Evergreen Golf Course.

Saturday, Aug. 7th ~ Mulch the Playground at 10:00 w/Pizza after

Thursday, August 19th ~  Back to School BBQ. School Parking Lot 5:30-7:00

Tuesday, Aug. 24th ~ Mass at 5:45 followed by Information Night at Sacred Heart Church

Sunday, August. 29th ~ Back to School Mass and Breakfast. Sacred Heart Church and Church Hall.

Monday, August 30th ~ First Day of School


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


Students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.

Serving the Community. Teaching our students to live and model the Catholic faith. Reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus.

Remaining structured with the purpose of graduating students who are prepared to persevere.



Kickball Night will be on Thursday, July 15th at Thompson Memorial Park in Hudson. Dinner will be at 5:30 pm and Kickball at 6:00 pm.
We will see how good our Priest and Seminarians are! In the event of bad weather, we will have game night in Sacred Heart Parish Hall.

May be an image of ball, grass and text that says 'LET'S PLAY KICKB KICKBALL!'

Mass, Anointing of the sick and Luncheon 7/15/2021 at St. Mary on the Lake


Please join us for a special Mass and Anointing of the Sick on Thursday, July 15 at 10:00 am at St. Mary on the Lake.
During the liturgy, all who wish to receive the Sacrament of the Sick will have the opportunity to be anointed. Anointing is for anyone experiencing physical, emotional, or spiritual distress.

Please RSVP for the luncheon to or by calling the Sacred Heart parish office at 517-448-3811 by Friday, July 9th.

 St. Thomas Aquinas Parish - Anointing of the Sick - Fairfield, CT

Fourteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time 7/4/2021

St. Mary on the Lake Parish
Fourteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time
Sunday, July 4, 2021
Part #1

Part #2

In today’s Gospel, the people of Nazareth simply cannot fathom how Jesus, who lived among them as a child, can be a prophet…or even something greater: the Son of God.

The 6:00 pm Mass was offered for the intention of The Judy Donaldson Family+
The 9:30 am Mass will be offered for the intention of Dianne Woggon+

The Mass intentions at Sacred Heart were offered for the following:
4:30 pm – Dick Bade 1st Anniversary+
8:00 am – Leona Raftery+
11:00 am – The Miller Family

Fr. Todd Bulletin, July 4, 2021

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

Blessed 4th of July Weekend!  This weekend I want to share the powerful Mass prayers used on the 4th of July in parishes in the United States.  May these prayers on behalf of our country be our own!



Father of all nations and ages,

we recall the day when our country

claimed its place among the family of nations;

for what has been achieved we give you thanks,

for the work that still remains we ask your help,

and as you have called us from many peoples to be one nation,

grant that, under your providence,

our country may share your blessings

with all the peoples of the earth.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever.


Prayer over the Offerings

Father, who have molded into one our nation,

drawn from the peoples of many lands;

grant, that as the grains of wheat become one bread

and the many grapes one cup of wine,

so before all others be instruments of your peace.



It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation,

always and everywhere to give you thanks,

Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God,

through Christ our Lord.

He spoke to us a message of peace

and taught us to live as brothers and sisters.

His message took form in the vision of our founding fathers

as they fashioned a nation where we might live as one.

His message lives on in our midst as our task for today

and a promise for tomorrow.


Prayer after Communion

May the love we share in this Eucharist, heavenly Father,

flow in rich blessing throughout our land

and by your grace may we as a nation

place our trust in you

and seek to do your will.

Through Christ our Lord.


God Bless!


Mary’s Meeting #1 by Seamus

Mary’s Meeting #1

Ave Maria! I pray you are all well as we begin this beautiful month of July. With all that rain in June, I believe God will bless us with many sunny days these upcoming weeks. Enough with the weather, we’re on to how Seamus, the intern seminarian, got assigned to a weekly bulletin article. I was attending another wonderful weekly staff meeting when all of a sudden someone brought up the topic of bulletin articles. I saw index fingers go to the noses and was too slow to the punch. Yes, the famous Nose Goes to settle who would write the next 6 bulletin articles. Well, it all seems fair. The staff deserves a summer vacation too. Right kids? Help me Blessed Mother to not write anything too boring!

Ah, this is a perfect transition as to what I’ll write about next. Our Lady! Yes, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the essence of Marian Consecration will be our topic of discussion for today. What is it? “Marian Consecration basically means giving Mary our full permission (or as much permission as we can) to complete her motherly task in us, which is to form us into other Christs” (33 Days to Morning Glory, Intro pg.26). An even shorter way to say this is to let Mary mold us into saints. We may ask ourselves is it really possible for me to be a saint? YES! This is God’s desire for you. “For this is the will of God, your sanctification” (1 Thessalonians 4:13). Jesus wants us to be made perfect and sanctified. He has modeled a beautiful way for us to imitate—go to Mary.

As you may know, there is a group of parishioners going through a preparation for Marian Consecration. We are holding a weekly Mary Meeting every Tuesday at 630PM. It ends at 730PM. I invite you all to come and join! It does not matter if you missed the first meeting or any meeting. Come any Tuesday you can.  This brief Marian weekly blurb will give a cliff notes version of the teaching we learned and the testimony we heard. Two things: teaching and testimony. I have already shared the teaching, and so it is time for the testimony. I shared last week two ways Marian Consecration has helped me in my spiritual life. First, Mary helps me pray with a pondering heart. She has taught me that I don’t have to figure out God’s ways, but to humbly accept them. Secondly, Mary is my Mother who protects the precious gifts of grace I have received from God. She helps me remember all God has done for me throughout my life and this teaches me to have a grateful heart. I asked Tammy, our diligent and delightful Bulletin advisor, what the word count is. She said nothing over 500. Well, I better respect that and not go over. I don’t want to get fired the first week. Ave Maria!

In the Immaculata,



Mass Intentions July 3 – July 11

Saturday, July 3

4:30pm ~ Dick Bade ~ 1st Anniversary by Chres Reuter Family

Sunday, July 4

8:00am ~ Leona Raftery by Chres Reuter Family

11:00am ~ Miller Family by Nancy

Monday, July 5

8:00am ~ People of the Parish

Tuesday, July 6

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ John Hartley by Marie

Wednesday, July 7

8:00am ~ Joe Michener ~ 8th Anniversary by Chres Reuter Family

Thursday, July 8

8:00am ~ Shelly Veneros

Friday, July 9

8:00am ~ Rick & Sheila Gregg by Chres Reuter Family

Saturday, July 10

4:30pm ~ Marie Schang by Delmar & Peggy Marry

Sunday, July 11

8:00am ~ Patricia Kingsley by Steve & MaryAnn

11:00am ~ Marybeth Cottington by Bade Family