Anne Atkin, Prinicpal

What a wonderful night!

The “Be in Our Heart” Gala 2021 was a beautiful celebration of Catholic education. It was a night to enjoy the company of people who believe our school is a pillar of the community and support our efforts to operate a school where virtue and learning are truly sacred.

We are honored to announce the 2021 Volunteer of the Year, Michelle Henning. Her joyful spirit and love of Sacred Heart School is contagious. She is always willing to serve our school community as a substitute teacher, classroom party planner, recess/lunch helper, and she works for hours in the kitchen during the Gala each year. Michelle is such a blessing to Sacred Heart in too many ways to list. Thank you! You are very deserving of this honor.

We are so grateful to the Czeiszperger family, especially Emily, Alex and Annabelle who donated many, many hours of time preparing a delicious dinner for us to enjoy. Preparing food for over 200 people is a herculean task and they executed the evening with precision and grace. Thank You!

The Confirmation students with the help of Lisa Tinkey and Anna Loar were fantastic serving dinner, dessert and taking great care of us. You were great!

The Church Hall was completely transformed into a beautiful ballroom by A Happening by L & L. Thank you so much to Lynn Warner and her family and friends for donating all of your time, and decorations to create an elegant space.

A special thank you to Carrie Town, Trish Weaver, Jessica Varney, Kerri Sanborn, Katie Varney, Denise Monahan, Anne Shaw, Sara Moreno, Lance Tedora, Nate and Stacy Parker, Eric Walters, Wayne Hardy and all of the Sacred Heart teachers for all of the extra help. You are wonderful!

To our sponsors and donors: Our school family thanks you for your generous gift to Sacred Heart School. As our school grows, so does the need for financial aid to families who value Catholic education but cannot afford to pay full tuition. Our school relies on the special donations of people like you to continue to offer a place for serenity and worship to all who desire it. Your gift will ensure that our Catholic tradition is passed on to the next generation.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


Students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.

Serving the Community. Teaching our students to live and model the Catholic faith. Reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus.

Remaining structured with the purpose of graduating students who are prepared to persevere.


Assisting with the Liturgy


November 27-28

4:30 PM

Lector:                      Kristie Saunders

Eucharist Min:        Bobbye Sanford

Servers:                    Volunteer Needed

8:00 AM

Lector:                      Cathy Schoonover

Eucharist Min:        Tony Marry

Servers:                    Tinkey Family

11:00 AM

Lector:                      Cathy Sliker

Eucharist Min:        Dee Bellman

Servers:                    Alex Czeiszperger, Grace Gillin


December 4-5

4:30 PM

Lector:                      Judy Schutte

Eucharist Min:        Kathy Timberman

Servers: Ryden Luma

8:00 AM

Lector: Angie Monahan

Eucharist Min: Jim Friedrich

Servers: Tinkey Family

11:00 AM

Lector: Ed Engle

Eucharist Min: Linda Higgins

Servers: Emily Czeiszperger, Brooke Houser


Mass Intentions November 20-28

Saturday, November 20

4:30pm ~ John Hartley by Cathy

Sunday, November 21

8:00am ~ Al Timberman by Chan & Bernie Barrett

11:00am ~ Bill Garr by Arlene

Monday, November 22

8:00am ~ People of the Parish

Tuesday, November 23

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ Harold Friedrich ~ 15th Anniversary by Jim

Wednesday, November 24

8:00am ~ The Intentions we hold in our hearts

Thursday, November 25 ~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING

8:00am ~ Joseph O’Reilly by Chres Reuter Family

Friday, November 26

9:00am ~ NO MASS

Saturday, November 27

4:30pm ~ Dick Bade by Matt & Angie Monahan

Sunday, November 28

8:00am ~ Mert Wilson & Clarence Wright by Families

11:00am ~ Gloria Bump by Dan & Ann Emrick


First Annual Men’s Retreat

The First annual Men’s retreat for our area will be

January 14– 16, 2022.

St Paul of the Cross Retreat Center ~ Detroit

Sign in Friday afternoon leave after mass Sunday

Suggested cost is $215, Includes lodging and meals. Help is available and you may only pay what you can. Price should not be a deciding factor in not attending.

Theme for this retreat is Bouncing Back living in Hope.  Hope is the knowledge that even when life is difficult it can be lived in a meaningful way.

Call Ron Stacey for details or question 517-945-8633 or visit 

Feel free to invite friends.


Altar Rosary Society

Altar Rosary Society will be having meeting and potluck on Monday, December 6 at 1:30pm in the Parish Hall.   Please bring a dish to pass.  All ladies of the Parish are welcome!


Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Homilies 11/14/2021

In yesterday’s Gospel, we are reminded that no one can know the moment of Jesus’ return. This is an invitation to grow in the virtue of hope. Total confidence in Jesus is all that matters!

Fr. Todd’s Homily:

Fr. Ginu’s Homily:



Catholic Social Teaching Collection (11/21/2021)

Catholic Social Teaching - To Inform and Inspire

What is Catholic Social Teaching?
The Church’s social teaching is a rich treasure of wisdom about living lives of holiness and building a just society amidst the challenges of contemporary life.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that “the Church’s social teaching comprises a body of doctrine, which is articulated as the Church interprets events in the course of history, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit…. The Church’s social teaching proposes principles for reflection; it provides criteria for judgment; it gives guidelines for action.”1

Since it is “the duty of citizens to contribute along with the civil authorities to the good of society” 2 Catholic social teaching assists the faithful in forming their conscience according to the mind and heart of the Church on issues of consequence.3 The Church receives from the Gospel the full revelation of the truth about man. Catholic social teaching is itself “built on the foundation handed on by the apostles to the Fathers of the Church and then received and further explored by the great Christian doctors. It is attested to by the saints and by those who gave their lives for Christ.” 4

Its fundamental principles are universal, because they “seek the good of the human person, who is always being called by God to salvation. They do not speak only to Catholics, but to the world. Catholics have an obligation to speak of justice and peace to this world, as we seek to create a civilization of love.” 5 This teaching can be more easily accepted by men of good will, the more the faithful let themselves be guided by it.6

If you would like to contribute to this collection, please note on your envelope that you would like your donation to go to Catholic Social Teaching and we will forward it to the Diocese of Lansing. Please make checks payable to: Sacred Heart.

Fr. Todd Bulletin

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

This week I will be taking Mon-Wed off for the opening days of the deer hunting season.  I will be hosting the Holy Hunt Club at the rectory for a few of my brother priests and friends.  It’ll include hunting and card playing with a midday Mass – it’ll be a fun few days!

There is a patron saint of everything including hunting.  The most famous is St. Hubert.  “Saint Hubertus was born around the year AD 656.  Saint Hubert’s wife (the daughter of a count) died giving birth to their son who would eventually become a bishop.  Heartbroken by the death of his wife, Saint Hubert retreated from the court and gave himself up entirely to hunting.

On Good Friday morning, when the faithful were crowding the churches, Hubert went hunting.  As he was pursuing a magnificent stag, the animal turned and he beheld a crucifix standing between its antlers, while he heard a voice saying: “Hubert, unless thou turn to the Lord, and lead a holy life, thou shalt quickly go down into Hell”.  Hubert dismounted, prostrated himself and said, “Lord, what would Thou have me do?”  He received the answer, “Go and seek Lambert [bishop of Maastricht-Liège, Tongeren], and he will instruct you.”

He was condemned by God not for hunting but for withdrawing from the world and shirking his duties as a member of court and as a Christian (he was out hunting on Good Friday!).

Saint Hubertus is honored among hunters as the father of ethical hunting behavior.  It is said that Saint Hubertus established the hunting principle of conserving wildlife, not killing a mother with its young, and preferring older bucks and bulls past their breeding prime.  He also advocated only shooting an animal when a humane, clean and quick kill is assured.

After leaving the wilderness as a hunter, he became a priest and eventually the successor bishop to his master Saint Lambert of Maastricht.  He was famous for his asceticism and preaching.  He is thus the patron saint of hunters, and bowhunters in particular.”

What I love about this encounter is that here the Lord steps in and helps Hubert balance the good things in his life.  Too often we struggle with letting the good things in our life get out of balance and begin edging out other good things.  In this case hunting was taking the place of God in Hubert’s life.  No good is greater than that good!  He is a wonderful patron for helping us learn to balance the good things of our lives – and when one good is making us choose between it and God, a life of prayer, going to Mass, that we choose Christ!

St. Hubert, pray for us!

God Bless,

Fr. Todd