Fr. Todd Bulletin, January 23, 2022

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

This weekend tens of thousands are gathering in D.C. for the 49th Annual March for Life.  We need to continue supporting the Culture of Life with our prayers and doing all that we can to help people choose life.  In Hillsdale we are blessed to have Helping Hands Crisis Pregnancy Center:  This weekend they begin their “Baby Bottle Drive”.  We ask that you pick up a bottle and pray for those who are facing difficult situations.  Through our support we can help those in our community.

Now to continue walking through the vision of a healthy parish laid out by Realigning Resources for Mission. The third part of that vision states that a healthy Parish:

Makes and Forms Missionary Disciples

  • There is much greater access to sacraments and devotions
  • Sacred worship that is dynamic, reverent and beautiful
  • Parishes have a discipleship process that moves people of all ages to spiritual maturity
  • They have a process to get people serving others according to their gifts
  • Parishes have a vibrant community life
  • All parishes have a commitment to Catholic education

This summation gets right at the heart of why a parish exists in the first place.  It reminds me of how Jesus appointed the twelve apostles.  We hear St. Mark describe that moment: “He went up the mountain and summoned those whom he wanted and they came to him.  He appointed twelve [whom he also named apostles] that they might be with him and he might send them forth”. (Mark 3:13-14)

There is a two-fold aspect to their call.  First and foremost, before we miss it, the very first part of the call wasn’t for the Apostles to do anything in particular.  No, the first, and most important part, of their mission was that they were called to be with Him.  Too quickly we can tend to fixate on all that Jesus calls us to do.  But before He calls to do anything He first calls us to simply be.  We need to be with Him.  Jesus doesn’t want mere servants.  At the last supper Jesus told the Apostles that He called them friends.  To be a Missionary Disciple is to live in that friendship and like the best of friendships we live our life with Him.  Life is meant to be a grand adventure- any adventure is best experienced with a good friend.

A parish exists to foster our encountering and being with Him.  All of our sacraments exist for this purpose.  Both our Churches have undergone renovations to their sanctuaries in the last three years to help highlight the fact that Jesus is at the center.  Both in the Tabernacles to be found there and hopefully in the tabernacles of our souls.   Only from that foundation can I go and do anything.

I have been very happy with some of the new initiatives starting over the last year to help us encounter Him. Our Mom’s group, days of reflection for Advent and Lent, wedding retreat, our first annual men’s retreat.  This isn’t even mentioning other ongoing small groups and bible studies.  As we move into our grouping of parishes a goal is to coordinate these encounter opportunities so that we can best fulfill the first part of a disciple’s commission- to be with the Lord.  From this place the Lord then can send us forth as well.  In the meantime, please take advantage of all the great opportunities already available!

God Bless!

Fr. Todd


Principal Anne Atkin

Sacred Heart School Catholic Schools Week

Sunday, January 30th– Children’s Mass at 11:00

Open House at the School 12:00-1:00

Enjoy some delicious treats as a thank you for your support and prayers!

Current & Perspective Families – Your children are amazing! Come see our students work and visit your future classroom and teacher for next year.

Church Community – Stop over for a visit and see the latest improvements to the school.


Our Catholic Schools Week at a Glance

We Serve ~ Monday

Certificates and ice cream party for safety patrol, cleaners and flag crew.

Sisters from The Servants of God’s Love will speak about vocations.


We Thank ~ Tuesday

Delivery of thank you baskets : Fire Dept., Police Station, Library, Market House

Donate $1 to Catholic Charities to wear jean/jersey


We Appreciate ~ Wednesday

Spirit Wear Day

Special lunch for the teachers and staff

Send out thank you notes to our sponsors and volunteers.


We Pray ~ Thursday

Students will pray a Living Rosary in the church for our nation


We Play ~ Friday

Hands-on STEAM museum by Mobile Ed Productions at 1:00pm.



Assisting with the Liturgy

January 29-30

4:30 PM

Lector:                      Kristie Saunders

Eucharist Min:        Bobbye Sanford

Servers:                   Ryden Luma

8:00 AM

Lector:                      Cathy Schoonover

Eucharist Min:        Jim Friedrich

Servers:                   Tinkey Family

11:00 AM

Lector:                      SHS Students

Eucharist Min:        SHS Staff

Servers:                   SHS Students


Mass Intentions January 22-30

Saturday, January 22

4:30pm ~ Tom Kingsley by Betty Camp Family

Sunday, January 23

8:00am ~ Geri Monahan by John & Lynda Monahan

11:00am ~ Vincent Briskey by Family

Monday, January 24

8:00am ~ No Mass

Tuesday, January 25

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ People of the Parish

Wednesday, January 26

8:00am ~ Pat Geeting by Tim & Laurie Stanley

Thursday, January 27

8:00am ~ Fr. Joseph Tran

Friday, January 28

9:00am ~ Fr. David Hudgins

Saturday, January 29

4:30pm ~ Allen John Marry by Aunt Bobbye & Aunt Mel

Sunday, January 30

8:00am ~ Scott Hukill by Kay Johnson

11:00am ~ Dan Dwyer by Lew & Lisa


Helping Hands Pregnancy Center Baby Bottle Drive

The Helping Hands Pregnancy Resource Center in Hillsdale is a safe and confidential haven, where all women and men facing unexpected pregnancies can come to receive accurate information and compassionate care.  Helping Hands is funded locally by the generous support of individuals, businesses, churches and other organizations.

Our Mission:  We exist to empower women and men to make life-affirming decisions regarding pregnancy through counseling, education, compassionate care and the truth of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Core Values:  We believe in the sanctity of human life and therefore abortion at any stage is the taking of human life.  We uphold and defend the sanctity of marriage.  We encourage sexual integrity, defined as abstinence until marriage and fidelity within  marriage.

We invite you to participate in our Baby Bottle Blessing, a daily fundraising opportunity.  Baby bottles are distributed throughout the area to be filled with change and turned into our center.  Since we are solely funded by donations, this program is very important.  The generous support of our donors makes Alpha Omega’s mission possible.

Please pick up a Baby Bottle at the back of the church and return full bottles to the parish office by March 6.


St. Francis Retreat Center Upcoming Retreats for Men & Women

Men’s Retreat: February 11-13, 2022
We will be taking a closer look at Matthew Kelly’s popular book “Rediscover Jesus” and rediscovering what we know about Jesus, who he is, who he said he was, and how that should impact our lives today. Check in on Friday begins at 5:30 pm, with Mass following at 6:30, then dinner. The retreat concludes on Sunday around 11:00am. The suggested donation for the weekend is $185. For more information or to register, visit or call 517-669-8321.

Women of Spirit Retreat featuring Sheri Wohlfert: March 4-6, 2022A new type of retreat for women the first weekend in Lent to celebrate the many ways the Spirit moves in women’s lives such as prayer, Adoration, fellowship, fun, and Mass. This first Friday in Lent will be a quiet evening, Saturday, however, will anticipate the Sunday resurrection feast and we will celebrate with Sheri Wohlfert as our guest speaker for the entire day. Joyful fellowship Saturday evening includes wine tasting. $170 for double occupancy, $200 for single occupancy. Visit to register.


Lector & Eucharistic Minister Training

We are in need of lectors & Eucharistic Ministers for all masses.   We will be having Training session for new Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers on Sunday, January 30 following the 11:00am Mass.   If you are interested in becoming a lector or EM, please plan on attending this session.


Right to Life Prayer walk

As our nation prepares for the Annual Right to Life March, we invite you to join us on Monday, January 17th, at Saint Joseph’s Church in Adrian as we mourn the loss of over 61 million unborn children in the United States and re-dedicate ourselves to pray and work to bring an end to the grave injustice of abortion. Following the church service, which will begin at noon, we will walk to the courthouse. Transportation will be available for those who prefer to ride.  Call Kate Hayes (517 438-2454)  for more information.