Do I have to be Catholic to attend?

No. At Sacred Heart School our teaching approach is focused on virtue. Christian character and moral purpose are not just add-ons, they’re at the heart of everything we do. All students participate, regardless of religious affiliation, in this way, all feel the loving warmth of attending a school, where God is in every part of the day.


Do you have transportation?

Yes. We share bus service with Hudson Area Schools. Hudson schools has bus stops in Morenci, Addison, 12 Miles east toward Adrian and 12 miles west toward Hillsdale. Also, several of our families carpool from the Hillsdale area and looking to expand as well.

Do you have a hot lunch program? Yes, we  have hot lunch available everyday. SHS shares hot lunch services with Hudson Schools.


What is the curriculum?

Sacred Heart School follows the standards set by the Diocese of Lansing. The curriculum in the Diocese of Lansing Catholic Schools is based in research and results-proven standards of instructional practice and is guaranteed and viable.  We consider standards established where achievement and rigor is significantly higher than average.  We offer the following courses: English, Mathematics, Religion, Reading, Science, Spelling, Social Studies, and writing.  (Special classes are offered in Art, Music, Band, Physical Education, and Technology and Life Skills).


How does Sacred Heart compare academically?

  • Student to teacher ratio 1/11
  • 100% student access to technology
  • Students work in small groups of peers to reach individual potential
  • Students in K-6th grade are assessed using NWEA testing. Our students rank at least 30% higher than the national average for Math and Reading.


When students from Sacred Heart graduate high school:

  • 75% of our students go to college
  • 10% of our students go to the armed services
  • 5% of our students go to trade school


 Preschool Tuition Rate per Week Rate per Year
Two half days per week $21.00 $756.00
Two full days per week $42.00 $1,512.00
Three half days per week $31.50 $1,134.00
Three full days per week $63.00 $2,268.00
Four half days per week $42.00 $1,512.00
Four full days per week $84.00 $3,024.00
Five half days per week $52.50 $1,890.00
Five full days per week $105.00 $3,780.00
 K-6th Grade Tuition Rate:
One Child (K-8) $2,500.00
Two Children (K-8) $4,247.00
Three Children (K-8) $5,558.00