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Good evening everyone,

As I am sure you are aware Governor Gretchen Whitmer has now extended the Michigan Executive Stay at Home Order thru May 28th, with some relaxation of the regulations. Despite the limited relaxations all parish facilities remain closed to the public until the Stay at Home Order is lifted.

The Bishops of the Catholic Dioceses of Michigan will be meeting next week to discuss what Mass will be like once we are allowed to open our Churches to public Masses.  It is likely we will need to be prepared for some hard realities for what that reopening will look like.  It will likely mean a combination of social distancing, restrictions on the number of people who can gather for Mass, and wearing masks.  We will be relaying any guidance we receive from the Diocese and adapt accordingly.

For the coming weeks we are adding these livestream events along with our Daily Mass:

Facebook Live Stream on the Sacred Heart Parish Facebook page:

AdorationAdorationTuesdays 4:45pm, with Rosary beginning at 5:15 pm, followed by Mass at 5:45pm.
Tuesdays ~ April 28, May 5, May 12, May 19, May 26

Fireside Chat — Thursdays at 5:30 pm.
Thursdays ~ April 30, May 7, May 14, May 21, May 28
Please submit any questions that you may have for Fr. Todd, Fr. Tomy, Dan or Josh to: or

Divine Mercy Chaplet—Fridays at 5:30 pm.
Fridays – May 1, May 8, May 15, May 22, May 29 

Know of our prayers for you all!


God Bless,

Fr. Todd




Mass Intentions through May 31


Friday, May 15 – Dan & Catherine Monahan by Marie Hartley

Saturday, May 16 – Allen John Marry by Aunt Mel & Aunt Bobbye

Sunday, May 17 – Cletus Marry & Margaret Krauss by Tony & Linda Marry

Monday, May 18 – Rodney Bellman by Eileen Kurtz

Tuesday, May 19 – AJ Marry ~ 1st Anniversary by Chres Reuter Family

Wednesday, May 20 – The Intentions we hold in our hearts

Thursday, May 21 – People of the Parish

Friday, May 22 – Ruth Bullock ~ 5th Anniversary by Katie Oates

Saturday, May 23 – Rev. Paul Cummings

Sunday, May 24 – May Marry by Family

Monday, May 25 – Howard Schad by Chres Retuer Family

Tuesday, May 26 – John Hartley by Cathy

Wednesday, May 27 – Ralph Mapes by Family

Thursday, May 28 – Ruth Price by Jennifer Ball

Friday, May 29 – MaryAnn Meredith by Altar Rosary Society

Saturday, May 30 – Bernard McGill by Family

Sunday, May 31 – John Watkins by Fred & JoAnn Morast

Healing for those affected by the pandemic

Tired of lockdown?

Tired of lockdown? Attend this three-day virtual conference and learn to LIVE FREE, sponsored by the Diocese of Lansing. 

MAY 26-28 on ZOOM


Choose Your session:    9:30am—11:00 am OR 8:00pm—9:30pm



In the context of this virtual retreat, you will apply Gospel principles to your own story in three simple steps.

Lay it down

Surrender everything to God––your problems, your pain, your pride, your dreams, your relationships, your deepest desires, your past, your present, your future, your eternity.

Let it go

Receive once and for all the mercy of Jesus and find freedom from guilt, shame, condemnation, insecurity, hopelessness, and fear. Then pass it on!

Make new choices – yes & no

Turn away from ways you’ve cooperated with evil and renounce sin, unhealthy ways of coping, and lies about who you are and what you’re really made for. Say no to the enemy’s terrible plan for your life.

Say yes to freedom, to right living, to truth; say yes to God’s good plans for you.


These three steps clear the way for the Holy Spirit to enter and restore what was lost, mend what was broken, heal what was damaged, unlock what was bound, and raise what was dead!


Each day consists of 30 minutes teaching, 10 minutes testimony, 20 minutes discussion, 10 minutes prayer. We will leave time at the end for Q & A if you would like to stay.


To register for this FREE event, go to


Daily Masses Begin Tuesday, May 19

We invite you to attend daily Masses, May 19-29. We can only receive 5% of our parish’s seating capacity, 25 individuals at each daily Mass.

In order to keep track of the attendees, we kindly ask that you please RSVP on the desired date you wish to attend.  To register, please click on the following Eventbrite link:

If you have difficulty with online RSVP, please call the office and register.

Please see Fr. Todd Fireside Chat from Thursday, May 14 talking about our reopening.

What should parishioners do before they arrive at the parish?

–Ensure that you do not have any symptoms of sickness.  If you live with someone who is ill or being monitored for COVID-19, we ask that you refrain until everyone is your house is recovered.

–Wash hands.

–Bring your own hand sanitizer.

–Out of respect for fellow parishioners, we ask that all in attendance to wear face masks.

–Please refrain from using restrooms, if possible.

What will happen during Mass?

–No sign of peace.

–No Precious Blood.

–You should be prepared for not having congregational singing.

–The church has barriers to block off pews.  Families may sit together.   

–There will be no servers, lectors, sacristans, ushers, musicians or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.    

Procedures for receiving Holy Communion.

–Dismissal one pew at a time.

–Individuals are to be 6 feet apart at all times.

–Holy Communion must be received in the hand and cannot be received with with gloves on.

Dismissal after Mass.

–Please respect the 6 foot distance upon dismissal.

–We kindly ask that you not linger after Mass.

Plans to re-open for Weekend Mass will be on May 31 at 25% of our parish seating capacity, which is approximately 115 people at each regularly scheduled Mass.

If you wish to read the entire Diocesan Policy on reopening Mass, please click on this link:

Mass, Sunday, May 17, 2020

This weekend’s Mass Intentions are for Allen John Marry by Aunt Mel & Aunt Bobbye and Cletus Marry & Margaret Krauss by Tony & Linda Marry.

St. Mary on the Lake Intentions are for Ruth Hinkle+

Sixth Sunday of Easter Mass can be found here:

Today’s Readings can be found here:

Music for Sixth Sunday of Easter:  Music for Mass on May 16