Religious Ed

Fr. Ginu will be offering Confession for our Religious Ed students in Grades 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 on Sunday December 19 during class time.


Lector workbooks are in the Sacristy.  Please pick up a copy.   Also, we are in need of Lectors for the all Masses, especially 4:30.   Please contact the office and we will get you on the schedule.


Mass Intentions December 4-12

Saturday, December 4

4:30pm ~ Marybeth Cottington by Aunt Judy

Sunday, December 5

8:00am ~ Ken Alverson by Bobbye & Melody

11:00am ~ Gloria Bump by Jim & Linda Patton

Monday, December 6

8:00am ~ Wilma Stubblefield by Tony & Linda Marry

Tuesday, December 7

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ No Mass

6:00pm ~ Vigil Mass at St. Mary on the Lake

Wednesday, December 8 – Holy Day

8:00am ~ Deceased & Living Members of James P. Hartley Family by Marie

6:30pm ~ Parishioners of Sacred Heart

Thursday, December 9

8:00am ~ Don Wines by Kay Chartfield

Friday, December 10

9:00am ~ Family of Marjorie Harris

Saturday, December 11

4:30pm ~ Mike Kope by Mark & Jana Monahan

Sunday, December 12

8:00am ~ Deceased & Living Members of Elmer & May Marry by Family

11:00am ~ Marta Gilson by Cathy Sliker


Called to Serve


December 11-12

4:30 PM

Lector:  Trisha Weaver

Eucharist Min:  Barbara Miller

Servers: Volunteer needed

8:00 AM

Lector: Connie Varney

Eucharist Min: Matt Monahan

Servers:  Tinkey Family

11:00 AM

Lector:  Bob Gilson

Eucharist Min: Linda Higgins

Servers: Sean & Ethan Parker


December 18-19

4:30 PM

Lector: Kristie Saunders

Eucharist Min: Deacon John

Servers: Ryden Luma

8:00 AM

Lector: Cathy Schoonover

Eucharist Min: Deacon John

Servers: Tinkey Family

11:00 AM

Lector: Ron Stacey

Eucharist Min: Deacon John

Servers: Jack Oram & Ethan Gillette


Angel Tree

Thank sponsoring a few of our local children for Christmas.  The Angel Tree is in the front entrance of the church.  Please feel free to take a tag and help a local child with Christmas.

I understand that it is short notice, however, we are asking that all gifts be UNWRAPPED and returned, with the tag, to the school office by Thursday, December 9.   

Thank you and God Bless.

Catholic Charities Corner

As we enter the Advent Season, we are reminded of Mary’s devotion and of God’s mercy towards us.   It is a season of preparation of Christ’ birth.  It is a season to celebrate, to honor, to love and to share.    We welcome Catholic Charities to speak at all Masses this weekend regarding their Annual Christmas Appeal.

God Bless,


Altar Rosary Society

The next meeting for the Altar Rosary Society  will be held on Monday, December 6th at 1:30 in the church hall. This will be our Christmas gathering so please bring a dish to pass and a $5 gift exchange. Also, please bring a Christmas card to be addressed and mailed to the sick or shut in. All women of the parish are welcome to attend. See you then!


St. Francis Retreat Center

St. Francis Retreat Center in DeWitt, MI

Women’s Retreat: January 7-9, 2022
Men’s Retreat: January 14-16, 2022
We will be taking a closer look at Matthew Kelly’s popular book “Rediscover Jesus” and rediscovering what we know about Jesus, who he is, who he said he was, and how that should impact our lives today. Check in on Friday begins at 5:30 pm, with Mass following at 6:30, then dinner. The retreat concludes on Sunday around 11:00am. The suggested donation for the weekend is $185. For more information or to register, visit or call 517-669-8321.