Mass Intentions September 26 – October 4

Saturday, September 26

4:30pm             The 12 children of James & Mary Brogan

Sunday, September 27

8:00am             Phil Fether by Betty Camp

11:00am           Dorothy Meredith by SH Choir

Monday, September 28

8:00am             People of the Parish

Tuesday, September 29

4:45pm             Confession & Adoration

5:45pm             Charles Mansfield by Betty Camp

Wednesday, September 30

8:00am             Shelly Veneros

Thursday, October 1

8:00am             Richard Bade by Larry & Dottie DeVries

Friday, October 2

9:00am Sheldon Peltier by Joe & Pam Marry

Saturday, October 3

4:30pm Lonnie Monahan by Bud Monahan Family

Sunday, October 4

8:00am Coddie Patton ~ 3rd Anniversary by Jim & Linda

11:00am Owen Thompson by Lew & Lisa


Religious Education Update!!

We are getting close to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to begin Religious Education classes.  This year, we decided to delay the start of classes until November 8th to allow more time to prepare our program and for children and families to adjust to the new pandemic requirements for attending school.

Last month, the diocese issued a policy for Religious Education classes during Phase 4 of the Michigan Safe-Start Plan.  This policy closely follows the protocols used at Sacred Heart School.  The policy reminds us that we are all called to provide faith formation and support to our children to live their Catholic faith.   Although the current pandemic presents a challenge this year for classes to meet, it also provides an opportunity for our families to learn together in what we call the Domestic Church.  The Domestic Church is the home, where God is honored, his law is respected, prayer is a normal event, virtue is taught by word and example, and everyone shares the hopes, the problems and sufferings of everyone else.

So, what does all this mean for our Religious Education this year?  Our program will focus on simple, age appropriate, Scripture-based activities in support of Bishop Boyea’s calling for a Year of Scripture to begin this coming Advent.  The goal is to help families better understand the Bible through joining together in prayer, reading the Scriptures and Spiritual works, and discussing as a family what they have read.

After consulting with other Directors of Religious Education within the diocese, surveying our parents, and working with our Catechists, we have decided to hold in-Person classes on a weekly basis during our normal, Sunday morning religious education time.  However, to comply with the diocesan policy, we will also offer at-Home resources for those families who are not comfortable with their children attending in-person classes.  Our Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the 11am Mass will not be offered at this time.

Only students, catechists, and staff will be allowed in the building.  Students will be required to check in upon entering the building.  All students will be required to wear masks while in hallways and common areas.  Students in Grades 1 through 5 may remove their masks in the classrooms.  Students in Grades 6 and above must wear their masks at all times. Catechists and staff must wear masks at all times.  Social distancing is required (minimum of 6-foot separation) and as far apart as possible.   If a 6-foot distance is not possible, spacing may be as close as 4 feet if everyone is wearing a mask.

In order for children to attend in-person classes, parents will be required to provide a signed COVID-19 Health Screening Agreement, a completed Student Screening Checklist to enter the building each day of classes, and an appropriate and effective mask for each child (face shields are not acceptable).  Children will not be allowed in the building if any of the Screening Checklist questions are marked “Yes”, or they display obvious COVID-19 symptoms.  Catechists and staff will conduct daily COVID-19 self-examinations per the Parish COVID-19 Re-opening Policy.  Cleaning and Hygiene will follow the Sacred Heart School policy.

Registration for classes begins this week.  Parents opting for at-home learning must still register so we have a record of their children attending Religious Education class for future use in Sacrament Preparation.   Registration forms will be available on the parish website, at the entrances of the church, or by contacting the office.  A parent orientation package will be mailed to homes with the details of our Religious Education policy and all necessary forms.

As a side note, we are in need of a catechist to teach Grades 5-6, as well as additional volunteers help on Sunday mornings to assist with student check in.  If you are interested, or know of someone who may be, please contact me.

 Psalm 29 says, “The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace (v11).”  During this time of pandemic uncertainty, may we pray for the strength to do what is necessary outside of our normal routine to bring peace into our lives and those around us.

Deacon John


20.21 Religious Education Registration Form


Pet Blessing – Friday, October 2


In honor of the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, Father Todd will be blessing our pets on Friday, October 2nd at 2:00 in the Church Parking Lot.  This is a favorite event for the students and parishioners and we have a great time seeing the dogs, bunnies, cats, birds and even horses.


Knights of Columbus News

Your Knights are still here and active.
  • October 10th @ 12:00 PM, The Knights will sponsor a special Rosary service  at Evergreen golf course
  • There will be a special Casey Corp meeting Tuesday October 13th in our K of C Hall directly following our regular meeting for voting in new officers.

God Bless.