From Anne Atkin, Principal, March 29, 2020

Dear Sacred Heart Families,

It is hard to believe it has only been two weeks since we were all in school together.

Please remember to stay safe! I am sure Sacred Heart families are doing their part to social distance at this very critical time.

I know we are all missing each other terribly! Take a moment and send me a picture of how your children are filling their days with a caption of what is taking place. Send it to my cell at 517-403-2824 and I will post it on our Facebook page.

Beginning on Monday, March 23rd, SHS will be sending a weekly newsletter to every family with encouragement from our teachers. In the newsletter, we will have lesson plans, resources, crafts, recipes, videos and ideas to inspire learning at home. Families– it would be wonderful if you could keep a log of the work that your children were able to complete. We do not have the expectation that all of the work will be done but want to give you plenty of resources so you can keep your children busy.

We will be utilizing Edmentum’s Study Island for distance learning in the near future. Study Island is free and easy to use. Better yet, it is aligned to our curriculum and standards. Teachers will be able to assign specific lessons for math, reading, science(K-6th) and social studies (for older students). The lessons are taught with videos and on- line lessons that include flashcards and worksheets. This is a way for students to spend part of the day connected to Sacred Heart curriculum and they are accountable for their lessons. You will be notified as soon as have this program ready to launch. Families are able to sign up for a free year of Study Island right now to try it out on their own. See the attachment for easy instructions.Study Island- student sign up.jpg

Thank you so much for your patience as we try to work out the details of suddenly being closed.


We are still working on an end of the year tuition plan for K-6th grade families. We will update you as we know more about the fate of the end of the school year. If you are not able to pay your tuition now, please contact Tammy at 448-6405 and she will suspend your payment.


Enrollment for 2020-2021 is underway! Packets can be dropped off in the drop box outside of the Church Rectory (the big house next to the Sacred Heart Church). Enrollment papers are also available at or contact the school if you need a hard copy.

Spots in our Preschool/ Developmental Kindergarten and Kindergarten are determined by the date which we receive enrollment papers with special consideration being given to our current families.

The same is true for 1st-6th grade but those classrooms are not as likely to reach capacity this Spring.


Report Cards will be sent home next week. Quarter 3 officially ended today, but was abruptly ended on Friday, March 13th. The teachers made sure that the grades given reflected a fair assessment of the grades that were in the grade book at that time.

Continue to follow Sacred Heart School-Hudson on Facebook for important announcements and resources.


For Billing Questions– Tammy at

Enrollment or school related questions– Anne


Remind your children that they have worked on virtue every day that they have been at Sacred Heart School.   They know how to be patient, kind, courteous, industrious, courageous, and they know how to persevere. It is a great time to put all of this virtue into practice!     I continue to pray for all of you and I would love prayers for our school!


May God Bless You,

Anne Atkin, Principal


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, March 15, 2020

Beach Party – Preschool- Developmental Kindergarten- Kindergarten

SHS will help you find the best start for your child.

Thursday, March 26th ~ 5:00-7:00

Preschool – Religion is part of our daily morning work. The children gain an awesome foundation of the Catholic faith. We focus on learning letters and numbers, colors, patterns, but most importantly the children are learning obedience, honesty, patience, kindness and many other virtues. The children grow so much each year. Our class is deeply centered around God. We start the morning with school wide prayer where our little 3 and 4 year olds have the opportunity to share some heartfelt prayers with the entire school and staff.

Developmental Kindergarten & Kindergarten – The needs and interests of the students are important.  Each child is unique in his or her development and growth, and therefore need different approaches to learning.  Multiple methods and styles are put into action when working with our students.  Curriculum Goals: *Fine motor skills such as use of crayons, scissors, and pencils *Basic Technology use *Core Knowledge Sequence *Count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s *Write and recognize numbers to 20 *Addition and subtractions to 10 *Oral Language *Development and Reading Skills *Rhyming, sound/letter relationships, word families and inventive spelling.


Tuesday, March 31st ~ 5:00-7:00

Dinner and Music from Around the World by Guy Louis – K-6th grade

Sacred Heart School offers special attention to each student. Our students are given individual, data based instruction. We combine project based learning, small group instruction and individual student work at every grade level. Every student is challenged and taught to persevere. Parents can expect their children to thrive in our culture of trust, love, virtue and discipline. SHS students are given opportunities to live the Catholic faith, speak in public, serve, research and explore, present projects, enjoy new experiences and grow stronger through the Holy Spirit. Our students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, March 8, 2020

March is Reading Month

In March, Sacred Heart School celebrates reading. Our theme this year is “Around the World with a Good Book.”  The teachers have all chosen a country to represent during the month. Each class will research and collaborate to create a fun way to present the country to the whole school. The students will have the chance to visit each classroom and learn about the culture and history of the country. This year the teachers have chosen Japan, Mexico, Russia, Ireland and Germany.

We have also challenged the students to read 2,000 books during the month.  It is always a race to the end to see if we can reach the goal. I f the students are able to read 2,000 books by the end of March, they will win a Beach Party with games, snacks and music the Friday before Spring Break. Also, the class that reads the most books will win an ice cream party and a jean/jersey day. Competition can get pretty fierce!

To keep us motivated to read, we have added Buddy Reading, Mystery Readers, Bowling, A Visit from an Alligator Sanctuary, Crazy Sock Day and a Crazy Hair Day to our March calendar.

March is always a fun month at Sacred Heart School. We are challenging our minds to explore a world far beyond our own experience with great books. We plan many special events to keep us pushing through the end of winter into the spring, and we are preparing for the celebration of Easter. It is busy and we love it.

Sacred Heart School is the best gift you can give your child!

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal




March 20 – Enrollment for 2020-2021 begins.  Alligator Sanctuary at 1:00

March 26 – 5:00-7:00 Preschool, Developmental Kindergarten, Kindergarten Open House.  It’s a Beach Party!

March 31 – 5:00-7:00 Open House PK-6th Grade.  Music from Around the World Assembly featuring Guy Louis.  Taco Dinner before the event.

April 2 – 2:00 Beach Party if we reach the 2,000 book goal.


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, March 1, 2020

At Sacred Heart, we talk a lot about building a strong soul. A soul that is strong is growing in virtue. A person who seeks God prays for Divine guidance. Lent is a wonderful time to talk about why we need to grow a strong soul. We have been marked by Christ as his own. We are meant to be on his team and worthy of his sacrifice and love. We are meant to be tough and follow Jesus all of the way to heaven.

We spent last week preparing for Lent by thinking about gratitude. What makes my life special? What makes this day brilliant? Who brings me closer to God? The answer is everything and everyone! That is gratitude! As we thought about ourselves and our own happiness, we felt stronger and more capable. It is true that being grateful has made it easier for the students to do school work, enjoy friends, be obedient. But Lent takes us a step further.

The world is full of pitfalls. It is easy to become glutinous, or selfish. To be rash in our words and actions, or lazy of mind and body. Before Lent began, I wanted the students to think about what they could do to help them be closer to heaven. It is different for each of us and I wanted them to really pray about it. They came up with some pretty unique ideas: Be more obedient * Stop complaining * Go to church every Sunday with my family * Replace 30 minutes of electronics with reading every day *Eat healthy food * Give up soda * Give up being lazy * Make my bed every day.

I asked the students to think about why it is important to see our Lenten promise through all 40 days. The answer is because Jesus loves us so much and he wants us to wonderful. By making one small change, we are telling our soul that change is possible. We do not have to stay stuck with a bad habit or a wrong idea. We can be better. We can grow.

We wrote our Lenten promise on a piece of paper and Mrs. Schutte strung them together to hang down the center hallway where we gather to pray. We know we will need to support each other as we keep this promise. Let’s grow together this Lent.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, February 23, 2020

Sock drive for the adult men and women the capuchins serve at Solanus Casey.

The 4th-6th graders are taking a pilgrimage to the Solanus Casey Center on March 17th with Father Todd. We are collecting donations of adult socks to take with us.  Socks can be put in the baskets at either entrance of the church or dropped off to the school until March 15th.  Thank you so much for your support.

The Solanus Casey Center in Detroit, built in 2002, continues a long legacy of compassion and caring, begun by Blessed Solanus Casey and continued by thousands of caring people, like yourselves, who wish to be enlivened by faith and to spread the love of God to everyone.

The Solanus Casey Center is a tribute to Blessed Solanus Casey and an opportunity for all of us to explore the richness and diversity of our faith in a loving and merciful God.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, February 16, 2020

Get used to lifting your heart to God, in acts of thanksgiving, many times a day. Because he gives you this and that. Because you have been despised. Because you haven’t what you need or because you have. Thank him for everything, because everything is good.” – St. Josemaria Escriva


When we forget to thank God

Gratitude is so simple. We are beginning a closer look at the virtue of gratitude during morning prayer. Our theme for the rest of February is to thank God for everything. The students have an easy time thanking God. They are grateful for friends, family, freedom, school, Catholic faith, snow days, etc. They are generally happy children who have wonderful families. These children have been blessed.

Yet, there are many times throughout the day that feelings are hurt or the teams are not fair. The work is too hard or I just don’t feel good. The bus ride was too long or I really don’t like English language arts. So and so has better stuff than me or they are given more attention than me. My mood has completely changed and I am not happy. I pout, because the world is not fair and my needs are not being met. Generally, once this mood is in place, it is difficult to change our mind. There really is a simple solution to all of this despair. The answer is too look on the bright side. Realize that things could be so much worse. But unless I really practice gratitude, it is harder than you think.

Gratitude is so basic, yet so necessary. Gratitude places us in correct relationship to God. We take a step closer to God every time we force our brains to recognize that God is trying to reveal Himself in certain parts of our lives. It is easy to be grateful when we win or we are having fun. It is really hard when we feel embarrassed, unworthy, unloved, disappointed or overwhelmed. Gratitude is the antidote to pride. Our pride has been injured. It feels bad. It is in this darkness that we must recognize God’s presence in everything. Pride comes before the fall. That is why we are called to be grateful in our misfortunes. God is omnipotent and all good, so we trust and love Him. We praise Him. We thank Him. For everything!

God is good. All of the time. All of the time. God is Good!


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, February 9, 2020

How do we teach children to be courageous?

Courage comes from the Latin “cor” which translates to heart. My heart. My very unique story, that comes from my heart. It is rooted in love. Courage is a misunderstood word in today’s culture. It is not a conquering of fear in order to win. In fact, truly courageous people feel fear right along with their courage.

Courage is very personal. It begins in a place of vulnerability that is scary, uncertain and exposes our soul. In our lifetime, we will be vulnerable, it is a fact. We cannot avoid illness, public speaking, disappointment, rejection, admitting defeat, death, heartbreak: the list goes on. Life is full of devastating pitfalls. These events leave us exposed and show our true self to the world.  Vulnerability can happen when we least expect it; a devastating diagnosis, an unexpected breakup, a past sin exposed for the world to see, being assigned a task we know we are unequipped to accomplish. These moments of uncertainty are very difficult. We feel raw and we want to cover up, to tuck in, or to run away. We can feel very alone.

The fear of not being able to handle the uncertainty or judgement is frightening. Being vulnerable is so uncomfortable that we can find ourselves making decisions based on our ability to control the situation. As Catholics, we know that we are never completely in control. God is God and we are not God. It is in these moments that true courage exists. When we examine our heart and find that we are enough. When we take stock of our soul and feel it being pulled back to God through His mercy. It is in being courageous and working through these events that we can feel the most alive and feel true joy.

How do we continually live with courage? It is facing our vulnerability with grace and mercy. It is as simple as opening our heart and finding our blessings. People who have the courage to be grateful when they are the most vulnerable are living with their whole heart. They are living with hope. They are comfortable in the uncertainty and can find joy in all situations. This is true courage.

But how do we teach our children about true courage? No one is giving out awards for humility. Courage itself is misunderstood. That is why teaching our children that they are enough to God and that true courage cannot always be seen is our job as parents. What we are after is children who take risks, can handle failure and have the courage to be grateful through all of it. Show up, trust in God, rely on the Holy Spirit and find joy.

Courage is knowing your own heart and leading with love.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, February 2, 2020

Bless all Catholic school teachers and help them to nurture the faith of our children. Give them the wisdom to pass on their own knowledge and experience and show our children your love. Amen.


During Catholic Schools Week, the students shared many experiences that brought them closer to God as they promoted the school they love.

Parish Day –  We celebrated an all-school Mass- the students were lectors, servers, and greeters. Our staff and families volunteered in the kitchen to cook breakfast for the parish. This morning felt special because God’s grace was with us. We also added a bake sale sponsoring the 5th/6th grade trip to Mackinac Island. With this many moving parts it is easy to feel overwhelmed or nervous but we just felt joy. Joy as the students prepared to read. Joy as we worked together to prepare a meal. Joy as we celebrated Mass together.

Community Day – The whole school prayed special prayers for all that serve or community or who need the extra help of God’s presence through difficult times. Baskets of appreciation were delivered to community members who help our school. The students loved seeing the gratitude on the faces of the people who received a basket.

Student Day – The day was spent celebrating the blessings that each student brings by being an important member of our school. The 5th/6th graders cooked lunch for the students, we wore Sacred Heart shirts and watched a movie in the gym at the end of the day.

Nation Day – We said a special prayer for our God founded nation. We prayed for our government leaders to feel the Holy Spirit and open their hearts to the great worth of human life and human freedom. All students watched a video about important events in American History.

Vocations Day – The students heard from Deacon John and Father Todd about their call to vocation. They told personal testimonials that helped the students to understand the beauty behind being called to do God’s work. Student from Siena Heights University Women’s Soccer Team came to SHS during the week to talk to the students about faith and the blessings of attending a Catholic University to play sports. A huge thank you to the Soccer Team. The students also made Rosaries in art class to take home.

Faculty, Staff and Volunteer Day – We all came together to have lunch and share how blessed we feel to work with people who respect, support and pray for each other. We feel the purposeful weight of educating our students and we are so grateful to have the support from each other. We finished the week with the 5th/6th grade service project of cleaning the Hudson Food Pantry and then sharing dinner and some fun together.


It truly was a memorable and spirit filled week. Our hearts are bursting with God’s love and we our more aware of our abundant blessings because of it. Thank you for all of your support!


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Principal Anne Atkin, Bulletin, January 26 2020

Sacred Heart Families,

What does it mean to be a Catholic school? Sacred Heart School is different. We are a private school that can set our own culture, academics and policies. We are free to serve the Hudson community with obligation that does not come from the government. It comes from an obligation to serve families and to provide the best customer service to our students and parents. We use the resources from the Diocese of Lansing and our accreditation from Michigan Association of Non-public schools to stay excellent. But more importantly, we are free. Free to educate and grow the students in the teachings of Jesus. We are a virtue based school and we use the language of virtue as our discipline policy and student growth model. Our students are challenged to grow in mind, academics and Catholic faith and our parents can trust that their children are growing closer to God in the actions they see modeled by the teachers and staff at school. Bishop Boyea writes “A Catholic education is among the best gifts parents can give their children. By making a Catholic education your priority, you witness to your children that your faith is the basis on which you make decisions for their well-being, and you demonstrate that the Lord is the center of your lives and the foundation on which your home is built….Grounded in strong and obvious Catholic identity, each of our schools is committed to developing the whole person, nurturing successful students who also are faithful followers of Christ and servant leaders in their communities.” You have an excellent Catholic school available to you. Sacred Heart is solid and we are collaborating with parents and experts to continue to impress on all levels.

The following thank you note was recently written by a Diocese of Lansing principal who spent two days at Sacred Heart as part of our accreditation process. “I thank you for the Catholic school culture that is evident in every part of your school. It is clear that there is great love for God and for each other. The genuine care and support of each other is something visitors to your school feel during their time with you. In a world where that is not necessarily the norm, it’s very gratifying to sense the strong presence of Christ working in and through all of you. May God bless you as you bless others.”

Catholic Schools Week is a time to celebrate all that makes a Catholic school special. Each day next week is dedicated to a group of people who ensure the success of our school. The students will have a chance to see how blessed they are by the loyalty of these people who believe in offering an education that is centered on Christ.

Please continue to pray for us and we will continue to pray for you.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Sacred Heart School

Students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.

Serving the Community. Teaching our students to live and model the Catholic faith. Reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus. Remaining structured with the purpose of graduating students who are prepared to persevere.