Bishop Boyea has received a request for a special collection from two priest currently serving the Diocese of Lansing. Please click the link below for more information.


There will be a basket at each entrance that says FIJI COLLECTION. If writing a check, please make out to Sacred Heart Parish and in the memo please put FIGI COLLECTION.

Mass Intentions February 13-21

Saturday, February 13

4:30pm ~ Mary Smith by Melody

Sunday, February 14

8:00am ~ Runtie Camp by Betty & Family

11:00am ~ Arlene Garr ~ 97th Birthday by Friends

Monday, February 15

8:00am ~ People of the Parish

Tuesday, February 16

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ Pauline Garr by Jeff & Elaine Monahan

Wednesday, February 17

8:00am ~ The Intentions we hold in our hearts

Thursday, February 18

8:00am ~ Mary Rita Seel by Mike & Susan Marry

Friday, February 19

9:00am ~ Richard Bade by Betty Camp

Saturday, February 20

4:30pm ~ Max & Etta Brooks by Family

Sunday, February 21

8:00am ~ Dean Jacobs by Dixie Wright

11:00am ~ Gloria Bump by Katie Oates


Religious Ed News

Meet Liz Fergus ~ Religious Education Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Liz Fergus, and I’m excited to be acting as the Religious Education Coordinator for Sacred Heart Parish. As incredible as Deacon John is, he is also incredibly busy, and since he hasn’t fully mastered bilocation he has asked me to be the “feet on the ground” for the Religious Ed. program on Sunday mornings. I will be at the school during the class periods to ensure sign-in and COVID-19 screening of students, collect class attendance reports, assist catechists when needed, act as a substitute, ensure the building is secure with all students exited at the end of classes, and working on special programs throughout the year that coincide with the Liturgical seasons. In short, to help make everything go smoothly and try to keep everyone on the same page!


School Enrollment News

You Can Put Your Faith In Us

Enrollment begins Friday, March 12th

Space in PK-4th grade is limited

Excellent Teachers-Hard Working Students-Dedicated Parents- Affordable Tuition

89% Proficiency in Reading- 91% Proficiency in Math (2nd-6th grade winter testing 2021)

Technology-Art-Music-P.E. for K-6th Grade

 Call the school office at 448-6405 for a Registration Packet.




Þ Available to students entering K-6th grade.

Þ Complete a FACTS financial aid application online on or before March 1, 2021. Documents can be added until April 1st.

Þ Instructions for using FACTS management  https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3Z32Q.

Þ Need based scholarship.   Students who qualify    receive $750 in tuition assistance.

Þ The Student must be Catholic, attend a Diocese of Lansing school, and belong to a parish in the        Diocese of Lansing.


Sacred Heart School

Students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.

Serving the Community. Teaching our students to live and model the Catholic faith. Reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus.

Remaining structured with the purpose of graduating students who are prepared to persevere.


Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

Prayer Intention for February

Consecration to the Holy Family

Grant unto us, Lord Jesus, ever to follow the example of Thy holy Family, that in the hour of our death Thy glorious Virgin Mother together with blessed Joseph may come to meet us and we may be worthily received by Thee into everlasting dwellings: who lives and reigns world without end. Amen.


Please pray for Carolyn Braun



It’s not what you give up, it is who you become.

Embrace a deeper, more spiritually rewarding life, and lose yourself in God this Lent.  Visit BestLentEver.com to take the first step toward unlocking your God-given potential.  We will be using Matthew Kelly ‘s book  “ I Heard God Laugh.”  We received this book as a gift at Christmas.  There are free Best Lent Journals at the entrances of the church


Healing & Praise Ministry

Healing Team Ministry

And these signs will accompany those who believe…They will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover-Mark 16:17

Healing is a gift from God. We are wounded in many ways: in our bodies, in our relationships, in our spirits, in our emotions.  Jesus wants us to demonstrate His love by offering Him our hands and hearts to bring healing to each other.

The Healing Ministry Team offers brief (10-15 minute) prayer opportunities to meet with a few members of the team to ask the Holy Spirit to bring healing in the name of Jesus. All Healing Team Members have received basic training through the Encounter School of Healing (one of four healing ministries that have been approved the Bishop of Lansing). Jesus is the healer; we serve only as His instruments in whatever manner He chooses to use us.

You can easily arrange for prayer by contacting your Parish Office or Maria Ansett (517-974-2330-call or text). Ministry Team members are also available for prayer the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 6-8 pm during Prayer and Praise (St. Anthony Education Building). All prayer ministry is completely confidential.


Prayer and Praise

ALL are WELCOME to join us on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18 from 6-8 pm in the Education Building as w e Praise God in song, Pray for ourselves and others and Share how the Holy Spirit is working in our lives. We will also have a teaching and practice on listening to God’s voice. We hope you will join us and bring a friend!


Natural Family Planning

An Introduction to NFP and to the Billings Ovulation Method will be offered on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23 from 7-9 pm at St. Anthony Church. Anyone interested in learning is welcome. For those couples preparing to receive the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony-this class helps meet the Life Skills-NFP instruction requirement. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Contact the Parish Office or the Instructor, Maria Ansett (517-974-2330 Call or Text).

Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

Prayer Intention for February

Consecration to the Holy Family

Grant unto us, Lord Jesus, ever to follow the example of Thy holy Family, that in the hour of our death Thy glorious Virgin Mother together with blessed Joseph may come to meet us and we may be worthily received by Thee into everlasting dwellings: who lives and reigns world without end. Amen.


Please pray for Carolyn Braun


K of C News

Knights of Columbus news!!!
The Annual K of C Money Auction will be virtual this year! You can watch LIVE on Saturday, February 20.
Grand prizes of $1,250, $2,500 and $5,000.
Also available are 50/50 tickets, $5 Money Board, $10 Money Board, and Small Raffles. Tickets for these items are $5 each or 12 for $50. Stop by the Parish Office to purchase tickets!
There will also be a Silent Auction…. Dinner with Fr. Todd and Fr. Tomy. (when Covid restrictions lift). Get a group of 8 friends and/or family to come together for an evening of Fun with the Fathers! Call the Parish Office to place your bid!
Items for the small raffle include:
*3 Night RV Rental – 28 foot RV sleeps 8-10 people donated by Tall Timbers Camper Rental
*Glider Rocker or $200 Gift Certificate donated by Kelly’s Furniture Store
*Handmade woodworking items donated by CL Malarney
*6 foot ladder, 2 gallons paint and paint supplies donated by Lenawee Paint Shop
*Handmade woodwork items donated by Jim Friedrich
*Shay’s Resin Artwork Package donated by Shay Roan
*Food Processor donated by Linda Borck
License R549417

Baby Bottle Drive

Helping Hands Pregnancy Center of Hillsdale (formerly Alpha Omega Care Center) is conducting their annual Baby Bottle Drive.

Helping Hands exists to empower women and men to make life-affirming decisions regarding pregnancy and sexual integrity through counseling and education.  This means providing current educational resources that will equip our clients to make healthy decisions.  It means being an encouragement by meeting practical needs such as clothing, diapers, cribs and other necessities.  It mean providing a safe and welcoming environment that projects the love of Christ.

With your help, YOU can be part of the blessing!

Please take a bottle, fill it with coins, bills or a check and return it to the parish office by February 14!

God Bless!

Fr. Todd Bulletin, February 7, 2021

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s,

It is hard to believe, but Lent is right around the corner!  Last year, Lent was interrupted, so this year feels a bit like the opportunity for a do-over.

There are four main relationships we need to consider during Lent: with God, others, ourselves, and stuff/things.  See which are healthy and which need work, which are encroaching on other things and which need to end, which ones are non-existent and simply need to start.

An excellent metric for examining any relationship is the amount of time given to it.  A week has 168 hours.  How much time does each relationship get (or not get, for that matter)?  Obviously there will be a balance here, because some things inherently need only a small amount of time while others require more by their very nature.  Lent can be a great time to balance them.

Our Relationship with God:  Does my relationship with Him have any real weight?  Out of my 168 hours a week, does God actually get any time, that one hour on Sunday and some time each day?  If we are not praying, then start there.  Jesus came and died to take away our sins, yet sometime the very last thing we give Him is just that—our sins, our wounds, our struggles.  These are what we bring to prayer and above all to the confessional where we experience His mercy.  Jesus desperately wants to transform our lives.

Our Relationship with Others:  What are the most important relationships in my life?  If it is marriage, is that marriage being given the attention it should be?  What about time with our children and friends?  All of this requires time and often sacrifice.  I know this was one silver lining of the pandemic for many, in that families had more time together because everything else was canceled.  Lent can be a great time to weed out certain things just so there is more time for these most pivotal relationships.

Our Relationship with Ourselves: Do you take care of you?  Sometimes the only thing that makes this happen is when something snaps—our health or our sanity or both together.  We don’t have to wait until then!

Our Relationship with Things:  We have relationships with things.  Think of the 168 hours in a week.  How much belongs to screens—our phones, TVs, etc?  Are we chasing after stuff as if it will make us happy?  Sometimes a great Lenten act is to take something that has too much control over us and simply give it away.  I know many people who have experienced freedom from overly strong attachments to stuff and/or addictions to alcohol or other substances after a Lenten resolution to begin doing something about it.

This can all be messy.  Realize Jesus is not afraid of getting messy for us.  Look at the cross and you see Jesus entering into a mess and saying to each of us: you are well worth it!

This Lent, we have the opportunity for a great small group that can help offer context for our Lent.  Please consider joining the Red Sea Rules Small Group. Please join me for a journey with the Israelites through the Red Sea. This will be a 5 week book-led group, understanding where we are and why we are here. Sometimes we are where God has led us. Sometimes we are living in the consequences of our actions or the actions of others. This journey helps us understand biblically that God is with us always.  We will meet on Thursdays in Sacred Heart Hall at 6:00pm beginning February 25th until March 25th.  Please let me know if you would like to join us.   Ron Stacey 517-945-8633


God Bless!

Fr. Todd