Rise Up & Accept the Challenge Men’s Retreat

Accept the Challenge 2020:

Diocese of Lansing Catholic Men’s Conference

Men, come to grow in your faith at the annual Diocese of Lansing’s Catholic Men’s Conference. For years, this conference has been helping Catholic men courageously live a Christ-centered life in today’s world. That’s the most important challenge of our lives. Come and be equipped to ‘Accept the Challenge’ at this year’s men’s conference!

“Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

When: February 22, 2020

Where: Oosterbaan Field House, 1202 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Time: 9 AM – 6 PM

Early Bird Individual Ticket Prices:

Adults $29 / Students $19 until Dec 31, 2019


What to Expect:

  • Motivating messages from Fr. Larry Richards, Bart Schuchts, Dan DeMatte, Fr. Mathias Thelen and Philip Taraska, SFC
  • Adoration and confessions
  • A mouth-watering pig roast BBQ lunch from


  • Excellent music
  • Mass with Bishop Boyea (12 PM)

Registrations are now open. For more information or to purchase your tickets, visit www.acceptthechallenge.org



Religious Education

On Sunday, February 2 the Religious Ed Classes will be in the church hall.  While the teachers are having a meeting the students will be learning about St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


The Sanctuary Light is burning with Special Intentions for Recovery  of Gwen Marry.  This was requested by Tony & Linda Marry.



Altar Rosary Society is looking for candidates for President.  This is a 2 year Term. Any interested ladies may call JANICE WILSON at 517-306-0684.   Our next meeting is March 2nd.




Sacred Heart Prayer Line is updating our list.  If you want to be added or taken off the call list or email list, please contact Linda Higgins at 517-286-6426 or contact Sacred Heart Prayer Line at prayerline@sacredhearthudson.org



Upcoming Bible Study Dates:

6:00pm at Sacred Heart                          10:00am at St. Mary

February 5                                                 February 6

February 19                                               February 20



K of C Money Raffle

 Saturday, February 15

Sacred Heart Parish Hall.  Doors open at 5:30pm

$100.00 Per Raffle Ticket (includes a delicious dinner and open bar)

Come Support our local Knights of Columbus.  Tickets can be purchased from any K of C member.



Fr. Todd Bulletin, January 26 2020

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s,

Pope Francis has named the 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (this weekend) the Sunday of the Word of God.  This weekend, then, I want to highlight the practice of Lectio Divina, a way of prayerfully reading and entering into Scripture.  Sometimes we can be a bit daunted by the Bible; the key is just to start.  I remember someone once saying that Scripture tells our story—the faces just change. This is when the Scriptures really come alive: when we realize they are God’s word to us and for us.  In them we encounter our story.

Here is a short description of Lectio Divina from a larger article that can be found at this link: https://www.aquinasandmore.com/blog/how-to-do-lectio-divina-catholic-meditative-prayer/.

Lectio – The first step is reverential listening: listening both in a spirit of silence and of awe. You are listening for the voice of God speaking to you intimately. In lectio, read slowly and attentively, listening for a word or phrase that is God’s Word for you.

Meditatio – Once you have heard your word or phrase that is speaking to you in a personal way, take it in and ponder it. Memorize it, and while gently repeating it to yourself, allow it to interact with your thoughts, your memories, your hopes, your desires. This is the second step or stage. In this step, allow God’s Word to become His Word for you, a word that touches you and affects you at your deepest levels

Oratio – The third step is the prayer step…prayer understood both as dialogue with God and as consecration, or prayer as an offering to God of parts of ourselves that we have not previously believed God wants. Allow the word that we have taken in and on which we are meditating to touch and change your deepest self. Just as a priest consecrates the bread and wine at the Eucharist, God invites us to hold up our most difficult and pain-filled experiences to Him, and to gently recite over them the healing word or phrase He has given us in our lectio and meditatio. Finally, allow yourself to be touched and changed by the Word of God.

Contemplatio – In the final step, simply rest in the presence of God and accept His transforming embrace. No one who has ever been in love needs to be reminded that there are moments in loving relationships when words are not even necessary. It is the same in our relationship with God. Contemplation during the Lectio Divina is a wordless, quiet rest in the presence of God. In silence, let go of your own words and simply enjoy the experience of being in the presence of God.

This prayerful reading of Scripture is one of my favorite ways to pray. This is the foundation of my homily preparation as I read through the Scriptures for each Sunday and ask the Lord what He wants me to preach about.

I hope this helps each of us enter more deeply into God’s Word!

God Bless!


Principal Anne Atkin, Bulletin, January 26 2020

Sacred Heart Families,

What does it mean to be a Catholic school? Sacred Heart School is different. We are a private school that can set our own culture, academics and policies. We are free to serve the Hudson community with obligation that does not come from the government. It comes from an obligation to serve families and to provide the best customer service to our students and parents. We use the resources from the Diocese of Lansing and our accreditation from Michigan Association of Non-public schools to stay excellent. But more importantly, we are free. Free to educate and grow the students in the teachings of Jesus. We are a virtue based school and we use the language of virtue as our discipline policy and student growth model. Our students are challenged to grow in mind, academics and Catholic faith and our parents can trust that their children are growing closer to God in the actions they see modeled by the teachers and staff at school. Bishop Boyea writes “A Catholic education is among the best gifts parents can give their children. By making a Catholic education your priority, you witness to your children that your faith is the basis on which you make decisions for their well-being, and you demonstrate that the Lord is the center of your lives and the foundation on which your home is built….Grounded in strong and obvious Catholic identity, each of our schools is committed to developing the whole person, nurturing successful students who also are faithful followers of Christ and servant leaders in their communities.” You have an excellent Catholic school available to you. Sacred Heart is solid and we are collaborating with parents and experts to continue to impress on all levels.

The following thank you note was recently written by a Diocese of Lansing principal who spent two days at Sacred Heart as part of our accreditation process. “I thank you for the Catholic school culture that is evident in every part of your school. It is clear that there is great love for God and for each other. The genuine care and support of each other is something visitors to your school feel during their time with you. In a world where that is not necessarily the norm, it’s very gratifying to sense the strong presence of Christ working in and through all of you. May God bless you as you bless others.”

Catholic Schools Week is a time to celebrate all that makes a Catholic school special. Each day next week is dedicated to a group of people who ensure the success of our school. The students will have a chance to see how blessed they are by the loyalty of these people who believe in offering an education that is centered on Christ.

Please continue to pray for us and we will continue to pray for you.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Sacred Heart School

Students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.

Serving the Community. Teaching our students to live and model the Catholic faith. Reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus. Remaining structured with the purpose of graduating students who are prepared to persevere.


Deacon’s Corner, January 26 2020



Bishop Boyea has invited Sacred Heart Parish to participate in a parish survey about discipleship conducted by the Catholic Leadership Institute.  We need your help.

Please help us by participating in a 10-15 minute survey from Saturday, February 8 through Sunday, March 1.  The survey will ask you to reflect on your own spiritual growth and enable you to provide feedback on our parish’s efforts to help you grow.  All responses will be confidential and the parish will only receive information about the community as whole.

There will be two ways to access the survey.  It will be available to take online at www.disciplemakerindex.com.   However, if you don’t use a computer – there will be opportunities to complete the survey after Sunday Masses or at home.  If you are unable to obtain a paper copy after these Masses, you can contact Tammy Houser at 517-448-3811 and one will be mailed to you.

We are trying to get the highest survey response rate possible.  This information will be invaluable to Fr. Todd and our various ministries as we plan for the future and strive to be the best disciples we can be.  We will receive the results this spring/summer at which time we will share what we have learned with the entire parish.

Thank you for helping with this important project!

Deacon John


Unbound Ministry


What is UNBOUND? A vital part of the new evangelization because, through a simple method of prayer based on the Gospel, it helps us (and helps us to help others) move beyond our spiritual obstacles into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. The 5 KEYS WILL make a difference in your life!



FEBRUARY 28 & 29th the LIVE FREE Conference is COMING SOON to St. Anthony of Padua in Hillsdale. Invite your family and friends! All are welcome! REGISTER at livefreehillsdale.eventbrite.com



We believe that not only does Jesus still heal today, but that healing is one of the most powerful ministries of evangelization. Come and experience God’s supernatural love!  The NEXT ENCOUNTER MINISTRIES HEALING SERVICE is FEBRUARY 8 at St. Patrick’s in Brighton from 7- 10 pm.  Come and see what the Holy Spirit is doing in the Diocese of Lansing. FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC! ALL are welcome!  Want to LEARN more about the Ministry of Healing? Encounter Ministries is offering a weekend Healing School Feb 7 & 8th at The School of Healing in Brighton. Visit encounterministries.us for details.



THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6 is the next Prayer and Praise from 7-9 pm in the Blessed Solanus Casey Room at St. Anthony, Hillsdale.  All are welcome to join us for SONG (mostly contemporary Christian), PRAYER and SHARING how the Holy Spirit is acting in our lives. There will be sharing from the Encounter 2020 Conference as well as information on upcoming events in the diocese.


K of C Money Auction

K of C Money Raffle

 Saturday, February 15

Sacred Heart Parish Hall ~ Doors open at 5:30pm

$100.00 Per Raffle Ticket (includes a delicious dinner and open bar)

Come Support our local Knights of Columbus.  Tickets can be purchased from any K of C member.


Baby Bottle Blessing for Alpha Omega

The Alpha Omega Care Center in Hillsdale is a safe and confidential haven, where all women and men facing unexpected pregnancies can come to receive accurate information and compassionate care.  Alpha Omega Care Center is funded local by the generous support of individuals, businesses, churches and other organizations.

Our Mission:  We exist to empower women and men to make life-affirming decisions regarding pregnancy through counseling, education, compassionate care and the truth of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Core Values:  We believe in the sanctity of human life and therefore abortion at any stage is the taking of human life.  We uphold and defend the sanctity of marriage.

We invite you to participate in our Baby Bottle Blessing, a daily fundraising opportunity.  Baby bottles are distributed throughout the area to be filled with change and turned into our center.  Since we are solely funded by donations, this program is very important.  The generous support of our donors makes Alpha Omega’s mission possible.

Please pick up a Baby Bottle at the back of the church and return full bottles to the parish office.