Fr. Todd Bulletin, December 16 2018

Dear Sacred Family,

I am excited to announce that we will be hosting a soon-to-be seminarian, Dan LaCroix, from January through August.  He is graduating from Michigan Tech this December and plans on entering seminary this coming fall.  In the meantime, he will be working at an internship in Adrian but living here and gaining parish experience.  It will be a blessing to have him with us the next eight months.  He has included a biography below.

In addition, I have recently started a priesthood discernment group with students from Hillsdale College.  Please be praying for Daniel, for this group, and for anyone who God is calling to either the priesthood or consecrated life.

Advent Blessings!

Fr. Todd



My name is Dan LaCroix. I have two sisters, one older (Cecilia) and one younger (Rebecca).  I am from Ypsilanti, and my family goes to Christ the King. I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school, which was a real blessing. I just graduated this weekend from Michigan Tech with a dual degree in mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering. I will be using these degrees this spring working as an intern at Adrian Steel.

I enjoy running and biking, and exploring the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula (where Michigan Tech is located). Amongst other more useful talents, I can juggle and ride a unicycle, although not at the same time yet.

While at Michigan Tech I was very involved with the student parish there, St. Albert the Great. I’ve lived and worked at the parish the last few years, working with several other students to maintain and clean the parish. I spent the summer of 2017 as a Totus Tuus missionary in the Upper Peninsula, traveling from parish to parish leading a catechetical day camp for kids of all ages.  I’m looking forward to living at Sacred Heart and getting involved with the parish.





Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is being updated.  If you would like your name added or removed, please contact Linda Higgins at 517-286-6426.



Homebound Communion

Christ has given us the great gift of Himself in the Eucharist and may we draw ever closer to Him through Communion, especially our homebound and those in care facilities.  This is truly a spiritually rewarding experience for all involved.  We are in need of individuals who would like to take Communion to our Homebound parishioners.  If you are able to assist, please contact Pam Marry at 448-8865.



 Dec 19 – Sacred Heart at6pm

Dec 20 – SMOL at 10 am

Jan 9 – Sacred Heart at6pm

Jan 10 – SMOL at 10 am

Jan 23 – Sacred Heart at 6pm

Jan 24 – SMOL at 10am



Bob’s Market House Rewards!

Sacred Heart School is participating in a new rewards program at Bob’s Market House.  For every dollar you spend, the school receives one point.  Accumulated points can be redeemed for school supplies and equipment.

Simply drop your receipt in the canister near the elevator or in the collection basket.  We will record your receipt number for you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school secretary, Christie LaRussa at 448-6405..


HOLIDAY HOURS at Parish Office

The Parish Office will be closed December 24 thru January 2.

There will be daily Mass during Christmas Week:

8:00am Wednesday, December 26

8:00am Thursday, December 27

9:00am Friday, December 28.

Bulletins for December 30 and January 6 will need to be sent by Thursday, December 20 for publication.  Please plan accordingly if you want anything published in the bulletin.


Online Giving

Have you considered using Online Giving? By creating a login and contributing online you’ll always have a report of your giving history available. You can access your giving report easily and securely via the web, and your information will always be up-to-date with your latest contributions.

ParishSoft is offering the Youth Scholarship Program.  For every 25 NEW recurring givers, they will donate $200 to our Youth Program. 

You can find the Online Giving link on our website:

Youth-Scholarship-Program (1)

Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, December 16 2018

Dear Sacred Heart Families,

With the advent season in full swing we are taking some time to explain our Christmas traditions to the students. This year we are having a Christmas Around the World assemble for the students. They will each receive a booklet of our most popular Christmas traditions as they learn and experience why we use these beautiful symbols as a reminder of Christ’s love for us. Here are a few of the traditions we will be sharing.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Image result for wreath


Symbol of the Wreath

The Christmas wreath has decorated many a door with fresh greenery. Wreaths are often made of evergreens, including holly, mistletoe, pine and fir. Because they are green and bear fruit in the winter when other plants appear lifeless and bare, evergreens signify God’s immortality and everlasting life. The wreath’s circular shape reminds us of the circles of life, family and love.




Image result for cardinal


Symbol of the Cardinal

Christened the Christmas bird for its spectacular red color, the cardinal has become a symbol of the beauty and warmth of the holiday season. A glimpse of this brilliant bird brings cheer, hope and inspiration on a gray wintry day. As nature’s reminder for us to focus on our faith, the cardinal’s scarlet plumage represents the blood of Christ shed for the redemption of mankind.


Deacon’s Corner, December 16 2018

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Why do we go to Confession?  Some people think the Catholic Church makes unreasonable demands on how we should act.  They say when we fail to live up to these standards, the Church forces a “guilty conscience” on us so we admit to sin, causing humiliation and shame.  But this is not the case.

Every person has a sense of right and wrong.  The guilty feelings we experience as a consequence of sin come not from someone outside ourselves but from within.  We know in our hearts that we have done wrong and that we have offended other people and God because our conscience tells us so.  To relieve this feeling of guilt, we need to reconcile.

St John Chrysostom wrote “Even if you do not confess, God is not ignorant of the deed, since he knew it before it was committed. Why then do you not speak of it? Does the transgression become heavier by the confession? No, it becomes lighter and less troublesome. And this is why he wants you to confess: not that you should be punished, but that you should be forgiven; not that he may learn your sin.  How could that be, since he has seen it?  But, that you may learn what favor he bestows. He wishes you to learn the greatness of his grace, so that you may praise him perfectly, that you may be slower to sin, that you may be quicker to virtue. And if you do not confess the greatness of the need, you will not understand the enormous magnitude of his grace.”

Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Jesus works to offer us healing and a way to clear our conscience.  When that happens, we experience, as St John Chrysostom said, the enormous magnitude of God’s grace.  If we are completely honest with the priest in Confession and have true contrition for our sins, we will experience a peace in our conscience that is far more powerful than the feeling of guilt because we have reconciled with the Lord.  God gives us every opportunity to turn back to him as well as the actual grace to avoid sin.

We all have the need to open our hearts and unburden ourselves, especially our actions that inflict painful guilt and regret.  What better way is there to gain the assurance of forgiveness and the knowing God’s unconditional divine love than to hear the actual words of Jesus himself spoken through the priest – “Your sins are forgiven”.  And that’s why we “go to Confession.”

Deacon John

Adapted from “Introduction to Catholicism for Adults” by Fr James Socias


Share the Warmth


We need volunteers for the homeless shelter for January 7-14, 2019. The calendar and job descriptions for our week are inserted in the bulletin. If you haven’t signed up yet, please give one of us a call. If you have not served before, we will assign you with a partner who is experienced and can help you “learn the ropes”.  Please call Deacon Gene at 517-937-9042 or Deacon John at 734-904-0637 or Bill Linsner at 438-1256 to sign up or to obtain more info.


Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest


The Knights of Columbus Council No. 6331 at Sacred Heart is sponsoring the annual “Keep Christ in Christmas” poster contest for all boys and girls from ages 5 through 14.  The contest is conducted locally, with winning entries advancing through district/regional and state competitions to the international level.  The winning entries will serve as a basis for a series of international “Keep Christ in Christmas” posters with creative credit going to the artists.  By engaging the talents of our young people, we hope they come to a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Christmas, and their artwork will bring others to remember Christ in Christmas.

Entry forms are available in the parish office, via the link below and in the entrances of church.  The forms include the contest rules and judging criteria.  POSTERS AND COMPLETED ENTRY FORMS MUST BE    SUBMITTED TO THE PARISH OFFICE NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 21, 2018.  The Council No. 6331 judging panel will perform judging for the local level.  Prizes for the local competition will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for each of 3 age groups (ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-14).  Winners will be announced the week of  January 7th.   If you have any questions, please contact Deacon John at

Christ in Christmas poster contest

Upcoming Bible Study


Dec 19 – Sacred Heart at6pm

Dec 20 – SMOL at 10 am

Jan 9 – Sacred Heart at6pm

Jan 10 – SMOL at 10 am

Jan 23 – Sacred Heart at 6pm

Jan 24 – SMOL at 10am