Third & Fourth Grade

Classroom Rules:

We will follow the PRAY format of the school.  However, we also have four of our own room rules that we will use in our classroom.  They are as follows:
1.  Follow directions quickly
2.  Raise your hand to speak
3.  Make smart choices
4.  Make your teacher happy
We learn movements to go with these rules and we repeat them out loud when somebody forgets and breaks one.  We also have hand signals for asking to use the restroom, getting a drink, and getting a new pencil.  Procedures are learned the first weeks of school for everything from lining up to handing in homework.


The students’ main homework will be reading a book of their choice every night for at least 10 minutes (of course more is always better).  Students also usually have spelling homework on Monday and Tuesday nights if it is not finished in class.  Studying for the Friday spelling test is something that should be done throughout the week.  The only math homework the students will have will be studying their math facts.  There might be grammar work once in awhile but I try not to have it be on Monday or Tuesday nights.  The students will also have occasional chapter and unit tests to study for in social studies and religion.  Mr. Korth will be giving occasional homework and tests in science.


Every student in my class will have a planner that is to go to and from school every night.  In the planner, the student will write their homework assignment for the day.  I will initial the planner which simply means the student wrote the information down correctly.  It does not mean the homework is done or not done.  I ask parents, grandparents, guardians, or other responsible adults, to also sign that night, whether or not the homework is done.  This way the parent and I both know that we saw the planner and there is a regular line of communication.  I may occasionally write other short notes if needed and I encourage you to do the same.  The responsibility of getting the homework done and back to school belongs to the student alone.

My contact information:

The school phone number is 448-6405.  My home phone number is 547-4253.  I am usually at school until 4:00 except for occasional appointments.  You are invited to drop in after school but to make sure I am still there, call ahead.  I also check my school email fairly regularly.  My email address is