Teacher Bio – Sara Pezzella

Originally from Chicago, I graduated cum laude from Hillsdale College in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art. This is my first year teaching but I bring past experience as an athlete and artist as well as working with children and in digital media to Sacred Heart. I love being a part of the classroom environment and being able to share in my students’ enthusiasm for learning.


Class Culture

I view my classes as serving the dual purpose of being an opportunity to take a break from academics while also serving as an opportunity to learn life skills that are applicable to life both inside and out of the classroom. For example, I don’t think my gym class is going to turn every student into an Olympian but I do think every student can benefit from time to get energy out in a healthy way while also learning skills like teamwork.

It’s really important to me that every student feels loved and valued. I strive to create an environment where the students feel comfortable talking to me about anything and if a student is having a rough time in class, I give them the opportunity to talk to me so that we can figure out ways to improve their day.

Teaching Strategies

I view my classes as being a collaborative and nurturing environment. The students are always welcome to approach me with their own ideas for activities or anything they have questions about and I incorporate the students’ feedback into my lessons.

I spend time talking to each student and learning about them as people so that I can help them succeed. If a student is frustrated with a project or is reluctant to participate, I try to find a way to engage them through discussion and offering suggestions for ways to approach the project that is more suited to their interests and strengths.

Why should your child be in my class?

Across gym, technology, and art, we explore a wide range of topics and have a lot of fun learning about everything. I bring my experience as an elite athlete, professional artist, and graphic designer to the classroom so that the students can always approach me with questions about whatever they are curious about.