Developmental & Full Time Kindergarton

Hi, I’m Mrs. Marry and let me say,
welcome to Kindergarten! We have a unique program that offers both a Developmental and full time Kindergarten program. This affords you, as the parent, to decide how much preparation your child needs before entering the Elementary School in First Grade. I look forward to meeting each child and helping them gain a love for learning. If you have any questions or would like to talk about your child’s growth my emails listed below.

         Mrs. Marry

This year as a school we will be following the P.R.A.Y. format. P.R.A.Y. stands for Politeness, Respect, Attention, and Yearn to learn. Through out the year students will follow these rules along with five important classroom rules.

1. Be a Friend
2. Wait Your Turn
3. Keep hands to yours
4. Listen
5. Help Clean Up

Fluency Homework Folder
Each evening the students will bring home a fluency homework folder. In the folder will be a math fact sheet, a short reading passage, letter and sound sheets, red words, and the green concept for the week. Each night your child is to practice their math facts and read through their fluency passage. On Fridays the folder will stay at school and new work will be placed in the folder based on their improvements.

Orton – Gillingham
Our Orton-Gillingham approach is for improvements in reading and spelling. It is a combination of multi-sensory techniques along with the structure of the English language. We will introduce a common spelling rule each week. This will be the child’s green concept for the week. Students will be given a spelling test on Friday to see if they comprehend the green concept for the week. Students will also have red words to learn each week. The red words are their sight words. Sight words mean that you cannot always sound out the word but you have to remember it based on sight. Green concept and Red words will be learned throughout the week with auditory, visual, and hands on activities. 

     In reading Kindergarten students will be introduced to many new concepts as the First Graders continue to develop their concepts from last year. Below is a list of concepts we will be focusing on this year.
–  Introduction into reading and reading comprehension
– Retelling Stories
– Choosing a “Good Fit”  book
– Reading fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and autobiographies
– Discussing Story Elements:  theme, setting, characters, events,
sequencing, and point of view 

 In Kindergarten students will
– perform counting, writing, and ordering numbers up to 30
– explore basic addition and subtraction equations
– introduced to measurement attributes including time, length, weight,
and capacity
– Classify, Explore, and Create shapes and patterns

In First Grade students will
– Gain proficiency with counting, writing, and ordering numbers up to 120
– Add and Subtract whole numbers
– Understand Fact Families
– Use Strategies to estimate and measure length, tell time, and work with
– Create and Describe two dimensional and three dimensional shapes and

     In Kindergarten for the first two nine weeks we are going to focus on handwriting. Students will learn the correct way to form letters and numbers. Once they have the base down we will work on writing words and sentences. First graders will review and practice their handwriting and the correct formation of letters and numbers. Students will also work on turning their thoughts into writing. By the end of the year both Kindergarten and First Grade will be creating their own stories. Students will learn about pre-writing, brainstorming, outlining, gathering information, revising, and creating a final copy.

Science and Social Studies
In Science and Social Studies students will learn about an array of topics. Science and Social studies will also carry over into our reading lessons; as we read stories on many different topics. In the previous year the students were excited to read books about real events, people, or animals. Some topics we will cover are listed below.
– Myself and Others
– Families and School
– Properties
– Weather
– Life Cycles
– Plants and Animals
– Living and Non-Living
– Germs

Students will learn more about God’s Love and how He is in their heart. The students will learn prayers and about their faith. This year students will go on a Journey through the Bible, learn Virtues, and learn about the Liturgical Calendar.