• In keeping with the Lansing Diocese Policy, we offer the following courses: English, Mathematics, Religion, Reading, Science, Spelling, Social Studies, Computers, and Writing.  (Special classes are offered in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Research).
  • All students are expected to attend weekly Mass and services, participate in prayers and singing.
  • We join together in prayer at the beginning of our day and at the end of our day.  At this time we discuss bible use and pray for everyone's special intentions.
  • Students are given individual attention and challenged appropriately for his/her level of acheivement.


Students in grades three, four, and six shall be required to take MapNWEA Test, as specified in the Diocesan Policy.  Students in grade K-2nd will also use the MapNWEA  testing program to help teachers assess individual development.  Report cards are issued four times a year for grades K-6.

Special Note for Pre-Schoolers
A progress report will be sent home with the children twice a year.  This will be before Christmas break and again at the end of the school year.  The purpose of the progress report is to show parents how their child is doing in PRe-School.

Parent / Teacher Conferences

Good communication between teachers and parents is an integral part of the educational philosophy of Sacred Heart School.  Parent-student-teacher conferences are an important part of this communication system.  Conferences are scheduled in November and February.  Parents will be notified if the conference procedure by way of written communication.

Parents of teachers may also request and schedule a conference at any other time.  Conferences will be held after school and many times the student is also present for the conference.  We ask your prompt cooperation if a conference is requested to discuss your child's academic performance or behavior.  If a parent would like to confer with a teacher about his/her child, please call the school office to schedule an appointment with the appropriate teacher(s) or send a written note to the teacher(s).

Special Note for Pre-Schooler:
There will be a weekly newsletter sent home on Thursday and Friday.  Other notes will be sent home as needed in your child's backpacks.  PLease check backpacks daily.  If at any time you need to have a conference with the teacher please talk to the teacher to set up an appointment.

Library / Research

Children visit the library at least once a week.  The Hudson Public Library is available to Sacred Heart School.  If the student has a book that is overdue, the student will not be allowed to check out a new book.


Homework has a definite purpose and is regularly assigned.  Some purposes:

  • It has the definite function of enriching and extending what is presented in class.
  • It is a time of preparation to share with others something the student has discovered, read, or created.
  • It is a time to practice and improve basic skills.  Parents have a responsibility to provide a place that is conducive to study, to set a daily study time, and to exhibit a real interest in the accomplishments of the assignment.  Researchers tell us that time spent doing homework increases children's achievement.  Students who do homework usually improve in all subjects. This applies to both low and high achievers.  Thus when you as a parent see to it that your child does homework, you are fostering academic growth.
  • Students are expected to complete and turn in homework assignments when they are due.

Special Education Policy

Sacred Heart School assists students in the development of their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, moral, physical, and academic growth.  Each child has special needs at different times in his/her life where they may need additional support.  The Sacred Heart School Staff Team provides support as well as mentors and / or Intermediate School Staff.  Special education services have set time lines but not every student fall under the guidelines of Special Education.  The needs of every child are addressed individually and the staff team guides all children to grow in the various facets of life.


At the beginning of the school year textbooks are assigned to students.  They must sign their books and agree as to the condition of the book.  Blatant abuse or neglect of a textbook must be charged and paid by the student before the last report card is released.  Textbooks need to be carried in a book bag and all textbooks must be covered.  Please do not use contact paper.