Fr. Todd Bulletin, September 26, 2021

Dear St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart,

What a blessed time of year it is.  I feel like my last weekend was a picture-perfect slice of Fall in just a few days-

*  Friday night football game at Hudson (which Hudson won)

*  Deer hunting on Saturday for Early Doe (successful)

*  Mass followed by two baptisms on Sunday (the baptism party out to the Brasher farm included a spin on their bulldozer)

*  Chicken butchering at home on Monday for the day off (which included instructing an inquisitive nephew on how to peel a chicken gizzard!).

This is all to say how blessed I feel to be assigned to our two parishes!  I hope your Fall has been off to an equally good start.

This coming week is our annual priest convocation (Sept 27th– 30th).  It was canceled last year due to the pandemic so it will be especially good to be together again with all of the priests in our Diocese.  There are some priests I only see once or twice a year so these are great days for being able to catch up again.  Because Fr. Ginu and I will both be attending it we will not have Daily Masses those four days.

The major theme of the convocation this year will be the ongoing Realigning Resources for Mission process.  Being a part of individual parishes, it can be easy to forget that we don’t exist as an island.  We are all a part of a local Church that is bigger than our individual communities.  We all are meant to share in that larger vision of serving Christ in the world.  I am excited to get all of us together for a few days to talk and pray about that overall vision and mission of our parishes together.  That overall Vision for a parish in the Diocese of Lansing is as follows: “A healthy parish in the Diocese of Lansing is led by a priest striving for health and holiness, equips and empowers parish staff, makes and forms missionary disciples, and seeks the lost and serves the poor.”  Please pray for our all of us and we will be praying for you.

We will be back on Friday for the 9am School Mass October 1st.  That same day we will have our annual pet blessing at 2:00 in Sacred Heart’s Church parking lot in honor of St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day on the 4th.  It is always a treat to see the wide variety of animals that make an appearance that afternoon!

October 3rd is Sacred Heart’s Roast Beef dinner also back again after a pandemic hiatus.  It will be take-out only this year but delicious as always.

God Bless!  Fr. Todd


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