Mass Intentions August 21-29

Saturday, August 21

4:30pm ~ Mary Smith by Mel

Sunday, August 22

8:00am ~ Mike Sanborn ~ 2nd Anniversary by Tony & Linda Marry

11:00am ~ Carol Foreman ~ 3rd Anniversary by Tim & Laura Stanley

Monday, August 23

8:00am ~ Arthur Bramer ~37th Anniversary by Chres Reuter Family

Tuesday, August 24

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ People of the Parish

Wednesday, August 25

8:00am Allen John Marry by Aunt Bobbye & Aunt Mel

Thursday, August 26

8:00am ~ Shirley Norell ~ 90th Birthday by Dan & Ann Emrick

Friday, August 27

8:00am ~ Pat Reuter ~ 17th Anniversary by Chres Reuter Family

Saturday, August 28

4:30pm ~ John Hartley ~ 3rd Anniversary by Cathy

Sunday, August 29

8:00am ~ Phil Fether ~ 2nd Anniversary by Joe & Pam Marry

11:00am ~ John Mullaly by Family


Beginning Friday, September 3, our Friday Mass will be at 9:00am with the school children.


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