The Most Holy Trinity 5/30/2021

St. Mary on the Lake Parish
The Most Holy Trinity
Sunday, May 30, 2021
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Part #2

Today marks the first of a few Sundays during this portion of Ordinary Time that are specially marked out for us to contemplate some of the central mysteries of our faith.

The Mass was offered for the intention of The Martinek Family
The 6:00pm Mass was offered for Elaine Johns+

The Mass intentions at Sacred Heart were offered for the following:

4:30 pm – Paul Bork 1st Anniversary+
8:00 am – Mary Jane Elwer+
11:00 am – Stephen VanderHoff+


Fr. Todd Bulletin, May30, 2021

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

Blessed Memorial Day Weekend, this weekend when we remember those who gave all to make firm our country’s foundations!  Weather permitting, we will have Mass at Calvary Cemetery at 9am on Monday.  If there is inclement weather, we will be at Sacred Heart.

I want to share part of a moving Memorial Day speech given by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. in 1884.  He served in the Union Army throughout much of the Civil War and spoke from his personal experiences.  You can find the full speech here:

“Not long ago I heard a young man ask why people still kept up Memorial Day, and it set me thinking of the answer. Not the answer that you and I should give to each other—not the expression of those feelings that, so long as you and I live, will make this day sacred to memories of love and grief and heroic youth—but an answer which should command the assent of those who do not share our memories …

But Memorial Day may and ought to have a meaning also for those who do not share our memories. When men have instinctively agreed to celebrate an anniversary, it will be found that there is some thought of feeling behind it which is too large to be dependent upon associations alone. The Fourth of July, for instance, . . . stripped of the temporary associations which gave rise to it, . . . is now the moment when by common consent we pause to become conscious of our national life and to rejoice in it, to recall what our country has done for each of us and to ask ourselves what we can do for the country in return.

So, to the indifferent inquirer who asks why Memorial Day is still kept up we may answer, It celebrates and solemnly reaffirms from year to year a national act of enthusiasm and faith. It embodies in the most impressive form our belief that to act with enthusiasm and faith is the condition of acting greatly. To fight out a war you must believe something and want something with all your might. So must you do to carry anything else to an end worth reaching. More than that, you must be willing to commit yourself to a course, perhaps a long and hard one, without being able to foresee exactly where you will come out. All that is required of you is that you should go somewhither as hard as ever you can. … One may fall—at the beginning of the charge or at the top of the earthworks—but in no other way can he reach the rewards of victory. …

If this be so, the use of this day is obvious. It is true that I cannot argue a man into a desire. . . . But, although desire cannot be imparted by argument, it can be by contagion. Feeling begets feeling, and great feeling begets great feeling. We can hardly share the emotions that make this day to us the most sacred day of the year and embody them in ceremonial pomp without in some degree imparting them to those who come after us. I believe from the bottom of my heart that our memorial halls and statues and tablets, the tattered flags of our regiments gathered in the Statehouses, and this day with its funeral march and decorated graves, are worth more to our young men by way of chastening and inspiration than the monuments of another hundred years of peaceful life could be.”

May we thank God for those who have given so much for us, never taking our blessings for granted.  May we never lose the lively sense of living within the grace of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit—that providential sense on which our country was founded.  Like those who have gone before us willing to place their very lives into the Hands of God, may we this day be so inspired to live.


God Bless,

Fr. Todd


Mass Intentions May 29-June 6

Saturday, May 29

4:30pm ~ Paul Borck ~ 1st Anniversary by Paul & Heather Monahan

Sunday, May 30

8:00am ~ Mary Jane Elwer by Don Price Family

11:00am ~ Stephen VanderHoff by Matt & Angie Monahan


9:00am ~ For those who died serving our Country

Tuesday, June 1

4:45pm ~ Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~ The Intentions we hold in our hearts

Wednesday, June 2

8:00am ~ Pat Monahan by Dee Bellman

Thursday, June 3

8:00am ~ Bette Baron by Don & Helen Wines

Friday, June 4

9:00am ~ SHS Students and Staff

Saturday, June 5

4:30pm ~ Ted Marry by Uncle Dennis & Aunt Mel

Sunday, June 6

8:00am ~ May Marry ~ 20th Anniversary by Betty Camp Family

11:00am ~ Lorna Busch by Family


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, May 30, 2021

What Did We Learn At Camp?

This past week the 4th through 6th grade students spent three days and two nights at Kimball Camp in Reading, MI. While we were there, Father Todd, Seamus and Josh joined us for dinner, sand volleyball, Mass in the woods and s’mores at the campfire. For many of the students, the Mass in the woods was the first time they had experienced a small Mass that did not take place at Sacred Heart Church. The students were servers and readers for the Mass and they were so grateful that Father Todd took the time to celebrate this special Mass for their intentions out in nature. I think this was an experience that will bring each of the students closer to God and to their Catholic faith.

While at camp, the students are able to learn to trust the strengths that God has given to each of them. These special charisms were apparent when they were challenged on the pendulum swing, Goliath (rock climbing), on the high ropes or paddling to get back to shore in a canoe. The rest of us are there to encourage each other but in the end, each student has to pull strength from within. For many of them, it is the first time that they have been at camp and it is the first time they have faced this kind of controlled fear and they did a wonderful job pushing through doubt to accomplish a difficult task.

Our students were able to persevere and they learned that their strength comes from God. With God, and all of the virtues that they learn from their parents and Sacred Heart School, they are stronger than they think. It was clear by the last day of camp, that when each student gains strength through challenge and prayer, they are better friends and better people. I just loved being able to watch them grow closer to God and closer to each other. A huge thank you to Miss Jessica and Nate Parker for chaperoning and to Mr. Marshall for joining us on Tuesday.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


News from our Parish

The family of Don Wines would like to thank our parish family for all of the prayers and encouragement during Don’s lengthy illness. It was greatly appreciated.


Bible Study with Fr. Todd & Seamus Wednesdays at 6pm in the parish hall.    June 9 & June 23 ~ July 7 & July 21


Father’s Day Spiritual Bouquets.  Envelopes are available at entrances of the church, or you can mail your list to the parish office or email to


SHIP COUPONS….Beginning June 1, 2021, we will no longer be able to offer the SHIP (Sacred Heart Incentive Program).  We are sorry for any    inconvenience.


Sunday, June 27 ~ Server Training – Following the 11am Mass

All youth grades 3 and up are invited to serve at masses.  This will be a required training session.  Pizza will be served after training.  Please RSVP to the parish office at 517-448-3811 or email


The Altar Rosary Society will be praying the Rosary one half hour before every weekend mass.  If you are interested in volunteering to lead the Rosary prior to Mass, Vicki Hagreen at 517-448-6402 or email



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