Fr. Todd Bulletin, January 31, 2021

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s,

I am so grateful for Sacred Heart School this Catholic Schools Week!  I especially applaud our teachers for their extra efforts that have helped this year be so successful in spite of the difficulties given us by the pandemic.

The last two weeks I have mentioned a few podcasts and apps that can be helpful in our spiritual lives.  I want to wrap up this series with Scripture. When it comes to why the Bible should be a part of our lives, Bishop Boyea has said it the best: “Jesus Christ is our reason to read the Holy Bible. It is in the pages of Sacred Scripture that we encounter him; that we get to know him and he gets to know us; that we fall in love with him, and, thus, we discover our deepest peace, happiness and meaning.”  As Christians, we know we should read the Bible, but making it a part of our regular prayer time can seem daunting.  I want to offer a few resources that can help us incorporate Scripture into our daily lives.

Bishop Boyea’s Year of the Bible:

This is Bishop Boyea’s response to his own desire to help us enter more fully into the Bible.  Do you want to sign up?  Well, all you have to do is pick up your cellphone and text the letters BYOB – that stands for Bishop’s Year of the Bible – to 84576.


Fr. Mike Schmitz’s Bible in a Year:


Listen and…

-Read the ENTIRE Bible

-Feel more confident about your understanding of Scripture

-Experience the transformative power of God’s Word in your daily life

-Start seeing the world through the lens of Scripture

-Each 20-25 minute episode includes:

-Two to three Scripture readings
-A reflection from Fr. Mike Schmitz
-A guided prayer to help you hear God’s voice in his Word


Bible Study College Edition:

Our parishioner, Cecilia Mende, will be hosting this Bible Study via Zoom every Thursday from 5:30-6:30 through March 11th.  She led a Bible Study during the semester last fall that was very fruitful for those who attended.  Being on Zoom, you can attend wherever college finds you—at home or on campus.  Parents and Grandparents, please help pass this along.  Email Cecilia ( to sign up.  To Join this Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 990 6392 2483    Passcode: NB6yEu


Sacred Heart/St. Mary’s Bible Study: I will be starting our regular Bible Study back up in February.  We will meet at Sacred Heart at 6:00pm in the Parish Hall on February 10 & 24 and March 10 & 24.  We will meet at St. Mary’s on the Lake at 10:00am on February 11 and at 10:30am following the Stations of the Cross on February 25 and March 11 & 25.


God Bless!


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, January 31, 2021

Catholic Schools Week ~ Faith-Excellence-Service

We are so excited to celebrate CSW with you! During Catholic Schools Week, we take the opportunity to honor and thank the people who make Catholic schools possible. We will be thanking our community, teachers, families and students. We will honor our veterans, members of the service community, pray for clergy and pray a living Rosary for the unborn.

Sacred Heart School has a long tradition of persevering, and this year is no different. We are grateful to our community for your support and prayers through 2020. We have been so blessed!

Our families have partnered with us to ensure that their children are prepared to learn every day. They have continued to stay diligent about staying healthy and we are grateful to have offered face to face learning since the beginning of the school year. This has been no small feat! Our families also encourage their children to work extra hard at home and in school and we are witnessing the positive results of this extra effort. Thank you!

The teachers have done an amazing job overcoming a challenging year.  Not only have they been flexible with the new safety regulations put in place, but each teacher has achieved a great deal of success in the classroom.  Our NWEA test scores for Winter 2021 show excellent growth in academic achievement in math, reading and science. Great job everyone!

Please continue to pray for us as we begin Catholic Schools Week. See the calendar below for a list of CSW events. Enrollment for PK-6th grade for the 2021-2022 school year opens on March 12th.

Enrollment packets will be available March 1st.

Anne Atkin, Principal


Sacred Heart School

Students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.

Serving the Community. Teaching our students to live and model the Catholic faith. Reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus.

Remaining structured with the purpose of graduating students who are prepared to persevere.


Mass Intentions for January 31-February 7

Sunday, January 31

8:00am ~ Mary Jane Elwer by Don Price Family

11:00am ~Gloria Bump by Tony & Linda Marry

Monday, February 1

8:00am ~Catholic Schools Week Intentions for our Community

Tuesday, February 2

4:45pm ~Confession & Adoration

5:45pm ~Catholic Schools Week Intentions for our SHS Students

Wednesday, February 3

8:00am ~Catholic Schools Week Intentions for our Nation and it’s leaders

Thursday, February 4

8:00am ~Catholic Schools Week Intentions for all those discerning Vocations

Friday, February 5

9:00am ~Catholic Schools Week Intentions for our SHS Faculty and Volunteers

Saturday, February 6

4:30pm ~Dick Timberman ~ 28th Anniversary by Kathy

Sunday, February 7

8:00am ~ Eileen Monahan by Siblings

11:00am ~The Family of Marjorie Harris


Altar Rosary Society News


It is time again to schedule for cleaning the church linens.  Our schedule is through March 2021.  If you are on the list, unless I hear from you, we will continue to schedule you for the cleaning.   Volunteers are welcome and if you to know ow to clean the linens, please contact me and I will provide a document of detailed cleaning instructions.  I look forward from hearing from the women of Sacred Heart Church.

Vicki Hagreen, President of Sacred Heart Altar Rosary Society, 517-448-6402


Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

We realize that not all parishioners are on the prayer line; therefore we will be listing in the bulletin the names of our parishioners who are in need of prayer. To clarify, the prayer line will still continue to pray for anyone who asks for prayer but the bulletin will only list our parishioners.  What better way to show our love and concern for one another?   If you know of someone in need of prayer, please call

Linda Higgins at 517-286-6426 or email

This week’s prayer intentions are for Carolyn Braun.

The prayer intention for the month of January is Respect For Life especially the unborn.


Prayer For Reverence of Life.

Almighty God, giver of all that is good.  We thank you for the precious gift of human life.  Like Blessed Mary, may we always say yes to your gift.  May we defend it and promote it from conception to it’s natural end and bring us at last Father to eternal life, Through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen

Realign Resources Mission

Podcast: Father Mathias Thelen & Realign Resources for Mission: The Next Steps

Over the past two months, over 3000 parishioners from across the Diocese of Lansing have taken part in nearly 70 parish meetings in order to help shape the Realign Resources for Mission process which was launched by Bishop Earl Boyea in 2019.

The purpose of the process is to advise Bishop Boyea on how the diocese can best realign its present resources to better form communities of missionary disciples who go and announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The 14-member Realign Resources for Mission committee is chaired by Father Mathias Thelen, Pastor of Saint Patrick Parish in Brighton.

In this podcast, Father Mathias gives his reaction to the parish meeting, what he believes has been gained from them, and what are the main hopes and fears parishioners express in their verbal and written feedback.

He also explains how that feedback will now be used; the next steps for the process; and discusses the four principles that were put before each parish meeting, each outlining the hallmarks of what a healthy parish in the Diocese of Lansing should look like in the future. They are:

A healthy parish in the Diocese of Lansing:

  1. Is led by priests who are striving for health and holiness;
  2. Equips and empowers parish staff;
  3. Makes and forms missionary disciples;
  4. Seeks the lost and serves the poor.

This podcast was recorded on Friday, January 15. It is hosted by the Diocese of Lansing’s Director of Communications, David Kerr. Diocese of Lansing Podcast #21.

To watch the full podcast, go to this link:


Fr. Todd Bulletin, January 24, 2021

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s on the Lake,

Continuing the theme on media that can help us grow, I want to mention four great Catholic apps.


Mass Times for Travel: This is a great app for those who travel often, be it for work, sports, or vacations.  It utilizes your current location and lets you know the Mass times of churches in your area.  If needed, it will also link you to their website that then can link you to individual parishes you want to know more about.


Laudate: Another great all-around helpful app.  Laudate is a treasure trove of prayers, readings, meditations, and devotionals.  There are many things to choose from that can help you build the prayer time that you have been striving for.


Confession Guide: It is based on the popular booklet “Short Guide for Confession” by Fr. James Socías, which has helped many penitents prepare for and make a good Confession.

The Short Guide for Confession provides clear instructions about what to do before, during, and after Confession.  Hopefully, this app could help you experience the blessings of this powerful sacrament.


Word on Fire: Bishop Barron offers great content and Catholic commentary on the many issues of our day.  This is a great resource for continuing our own catechesis and personal growth.


May these apps help you grow in this New Year!

Fr. Todd


Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, January 24, 2021

Even though we may be apart, we are still connected.

I was listening to a podcast and the host, Sarah Mae (The Complicated Heart), had a guest who suggested that we wake up every morning and choose who is in charge of the day. Is it me? Is it they? Or is it God? Good question. Living through a global pandemic can make it feel as if they are in charge more than ever. We know we still have the power to handle our days, so we claim our new regulations and put our best foot forward. We are in charge. It is a common thought, that if I am to be successful, I must be in charge of my day. I grab life and drive it with my foot on the gas and my hands firming on the wheel. I am handling the details of my life and I am winning. Until I am not. Things go wrong. Sickness, an oversight, a mistake, disappointment, worry, sin, unsolvable problems, death. We have all been there. It is dark and it is lonely. We all know the obvious answer. God has to be in charge. So we must get up every day and lift our palms to Heaven and  ask God to guide us. We do this through prayer. We do this through the Holy Spirit who unites us all.

All of us who have received one and the same Spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit, are in a sense blended together with one another and with God. For if Christ, together with the Father’s and his own Spirit, comes to dwell in each of us, though we are many, still the Spirit is one and undivided. He binds together the spirits of each and every one of us, . . . and makes all appear as one in him. For just as the power of Christ’s sacred flesh unites those in whom it dwells into one body, I think that in the same way the one and undivided Spirit of God, who dwells in all, leads all into spiritual unity (part 1, chap. 3, Catechism of the Catholic Church).

We need each other. January is cold.  Life is hard. People we know are suffering. The future is uncertain.  At the very least, we are bored. Human contact or attempts to resume social activity feels unsafe and so we close in tighter to our homes and ourselves. It feels lonely. Maybe you are making the best of your extra time.  I have filled in my extra time with sorting, reading, walking, listening to podcasts (Father Todd’s article last week listed several that are excellent), on-line classes etc. This is not filling the void of social interaction. I miss field trips, community breakfasts, movie night in the gym, staff lunches, sports, and parties. I am sure our students are missing them too. We are getting used to being disconnected and it feels like a slow ache.

We are not alone. We are in this together. We know this, but it is easy to get lost in the chaos or in the mundane.  I may not be able to see you or even know you are on my team, but when we pray, we are together. We are connected by the Holy Spirit. We are loved and we are able to share this love. Even though we may be apart, we are still connected. Go Team!

When the feeling of loneliness strikes, this beautiful prayer can help remind us of our love for God. He is the creator of everything we hold dear to our hearts. This prayer, written by Pope Pius VI gives us comfort in knowing that if we place the Lord first, the rest of life’s plans will fall into place accordingly.

Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us. Christ graciously hear us.
God, the Father of heaven, Have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Ghost, Have mercy on us.

Holy Trinity, one God, Have mercy on us.

Thou Who art Infinite Love, Have mercy on us.
Thou Who didst first love me, Have mercy on us.

Thou Who commandest me to love Thee, Have mercy on us.

 With all my heart, I Love Thee, O My God
With all my soul, I Love Thee, O My God
With all my mind, I Love Thee, O My God
With all my strength, I Love Thee, O My God
Above all possessions and honors, I Love Thee, O My God
Above all pleasures and enjoyments, I Love Thee, O My God
More than myself, and everything belonging to me, I Love Thee, O My God
More than all my relatives and friends, I Love Thee, O My God
More than all men and angels, I Love Thee, O My God
Above all created things in heaven or on earth, I Love Thee, O My God
Only for Thyself, I Love Thee, O My God
Because Thou art the sovereign Good, I Love Thee, O My God
Because Thou art infinitely worthy of being loved, I Love Thee, O My God
Because Thou art infinitely perfect, I Love Thee, O My God
Even hadst Thou not promised me heaven, I Love Thee, O My God
Even hadst Thou not menaced me with hell, I Love Thee, O My God
Even should Thou try me by want and misfortune, I Love Thee, O My God
In wealth and in poverty, I Love Thee, O My God
In prosperity and in adversity, I Love Thee, O My God
In health and in sickness, I Love Thee, O My God
In life and in death, I Love Thee, O My God
In time and in eternity, I Love Thee, O My God
In union with that love wherewith all the saints and all the angels love Thee in heaven, I Love Thee, O My God
In union with that love wherewith the Blessed Virgin Mary loveth Thee, I Love Thee, O My God
In union with that infinite love wherewith Thou loves Thyself eternally, I Love Thee, O My God

My God, Who dost possess in incomprehensible abundance all that is perfect and worthy of love, annihilate in me all guilty, sensual, and undue love for creatures. Kindle in my heart the pure fire of Thy love, so that I may love nothing but Thee or in Thee, until being so entirely consumed by holy love of Thee, I may go to love Thee eternally with the elect in heaven, the country of pure love. 


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


Sacred Heart School

Students are balanced: confident of mind, academics and Catholic Faith.

Serving the Community. Teaching our students to live and model the Catholic faith. Reflecting the unconditional love of Jesus.

Remaining structured with the purpose of graduating students who are prepared to persevere.