Fr. Todd Bulletin, September 13, 2020

Dear St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart,

We are excited to announce that we will be starting our own Bible Study Group: College-Student edition!  Anyone who is in college, has just graduated, or is of college age is welcome to attend.

Our Bible Study group will be a 6-week session with the last session being a Q&A with Father Todd. In the five-week session, our group will explore a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. It will start on September 17th in the Sacred Heart Church basement from 6:30-7:30 pm. Dinner will be provided!

If you have any questions, feel free to call or text Cecilia Mende at 517 581 2516.

I know many of our college students (like Cecilia) are finding themselves unexpectedly home going to college online.  This can be a great opportunity to have some good fellowship during this strange year!

I happened to open up my reflection from New Year’s Day this year.  I had forgotten about it but I was struck by how helpful I found it now—much more than even on that day!  I want to share it here:

“There is a story from my sister that I love.  She has six children—when this story happened, I think she may have only had five.  Anyway, they had gathered up to pray the Rosary as a family. You always imagine how a prayer time is going to go ahead of time: it will be serene, beautiful, peaceful, etc.  This was not that kind of prayer time—it wasn’t going well.  One kid was spending most of the time in the corner, my brother-in-law was having a hard time staying awake, and there were general disagreements breaking out.  Overall, the prayer time was falling into beautiful chaos.  The image she had of what that prayer time was going to look like was breaking into pieces before her eyes.  As a parent this is equal parts frustrating and discouraging.

At this point she said to her husband that they should just stop.  He said no, let’s keep on going and finish.  At that moment she looked over and saw the Mary light.  They have a simple Mary light that you can plug in and it will light up that they use during their family prayer times.  Here is the interesting thing.  They have an outlet in their living room where only one half of it works.  It hadn’t worked before and hasn’t worked since, but the Mary light was plugged into the non-working outlet and was lit up.  It was like Mary was saying to them that she was there with them even amidst the chaos.  This is referred to now as the Miracle of the Mary light.

Life can often be like that.  We have an image of how it is or should go and that image can fall into pieces before our eyes.  We need to be reminded that we are never alone and that God is there with us, Mary is there with us.  When life falls to pieces, He is there to help draw them all together and bring some good out of them.

We begin today the New Year, 2020.  As the year begins, it is so easy to have an image of what the New Year will be like, how it will go, etc.  We need to surrender that to the Lord and then say Yes ahead of time to what will be.  I can guarantee ahead of time that there will be moments like my sister’s prayer time where it simply is going wrong and breaking apart.  In those times, realize you are not alone and that Mary is right there with us as the best of Moms, picking up the pieces and bringing them and us before God that He might bring good out of them.”

Even now, we can continue to pray this prayer of surrender.  Above all, let us remember we are never alone!

God Bless,   Fr. Todd


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