Fr. Todd Bulletin, August 2, 2020

Dear St. Mary’s on the Lake and Sacred Heart-

Amber Czeiszperger will be entering the postulancy on August 22nd.  We are going to have a send off party on Sunday, August 16th following the 11am Mass at Sacred Heart.  We plan on having ice cream available outside the church.  If you would like to give Amber a card you can give it to her that day or simply drop one off at the parish and we will make sure she receives it.  Let us keep her and our seminarians in prayer as they get ready for their studies this fall.

I want to continue the series on developing and living our spiritual plan that Craig Pohl shared on our recent staff retreat. That plan has four elements- prayer, community, study/catechesis, and apostolate.

This week I want to focus on the third part of that plan, study/catechesis.  A question we all need to ask ourselves from time to time is this: what is forming me?  Am I more formed by God and what He reveals or am I more formed by the world around me?  A regular manner of study guides us, helps us grow, and helps us understand what the world throws our way.  Regular study also helps us reach out to those around us when they have questions

Ongoing study/catechesis can take many forms.  The important thing is for us to build some time for studying into our schedule.  I know that can be challenging with the busyness of our lives so I want to mention a few options of things that can work with our schedules.


Short online Classes

– Three to four hours of high-quality video instruction

– Detailed companion presentation slides

– Reading assignments that are modest in length but generous in depth and beauty

– Quizzes

– Related resources: books, video, audio and more



Word on Fire:

Fr. Mike Schmitz:

Leah Darrow: A Catholic Women’s Podcast on a variety of topics.


Good Books:

Introduction to Catholicism Adults:

Any Biography or Auto-Biography of a life of a Saint.  Hearing about their stories always helps me see God’s hand more clearly in my own life and walk with Him.


With any of these steps you will be built up and you will be Blessed!

God Bless,

Fr. Todd


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