Deacon Corner, July 26, 2020

In our Gospel today, Jesus uses parables to describe the Kingdom of Heaven.  He says it’s like finding an expensive pearl, a treasure in a field, and even very tasty fish.  But, what exactly is this Kingdom Jesus speaks of so often?  Why is it so precious and important?  After all, when Jesus was interrogated by Pilate, He told him: “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

Think about it – when Jesus taught his Apostles to pray to their Heavenly Father, His prayer included “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.”   So, Christ’s Kingdom must have something to do with what God wants from us.  That means His Kingdom must reign within our hearts and our minds, because those are the two things we have that only we can control. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven exists deep within our inner self.  When we do what God asks of us, His “Kingdom” or “kingship” comes.  When we let God reign within us, He bestows on us the wisdom King Solomon was seeking in our 1st Reading – the wisdom to tell the difference between good and evil.  And when we choose the good, God’s will is done.

How can we enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven in our homes and families today?  The answer is easy, but doing it can be hard.  To enjoy the Kingdom, we simply need to do what Christ said at the Last Supper: obey My commands, and you will remain in My love.  The key word here is “love.”  Loving as Jesus loved.  And how did Jesus love? He loved by serving others and sacrificing for them.  He was compassionate, willing to listen, forgiving, and respectful.  Jesus treated everyone as a friend.  Not a friend on Facebook, but a friend who He would do anything for, even give His life for them.  What a difference it would make in the world if each of us could do the same.

Finding the Kingdom of Heaven today is finding the love of Christ in our heart, then doing God’s will to bring peace to a broken world.

Deacon John


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