Update on Fr. Ruddy

Please add Fr. Paul Ruddy to the prayer line….
He had a pacemaker put in a few weeks ago, and is currently in rehab at the Jackson Co. Medical Care Facility. He is doing well, but asks for prayers from his Hudson friends. He would enjoy cards or notes from you. His address is FR. PAUL RUDDY, JCMCF, 524 LANSING AVE, JACKSON 49201. Thanks!

May 8 Letter from Bishop Boyea


Friday, May 8, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope that you and your loved ones are well and safe at this time. Like me, I am sure you are yearning for the day when we can again gather together at Sunday Mass in our parish churches so as to receive our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion.

Because the State of Michigan’s stay-at-home order is now to remain in effect through the end of May and because we remain committed to supporting the common good, including the health of all our neighbors, our plans to celebrate public Masses starting on May 18 have been, sadly, delayed until, at the earliest, June 1. This is a painful decision but one, I believe, that is both prudent and necessary.

From May 18, however, our pastors will be allowed, should they wish, to celebrate, by invitation only, weekday Masses for small groups of parishioners. Unfortunately, this will not happen on Sundays until after June 1. The Diocese of Lansing is also finalizing liturgical guidelines for the safe celebrations of the Mass during this pandemic. These are small but certain steps towards restoring public Masses.

The word “patience” comes from the Latin word pati meaning “to suffer.” I know that many us, clergy and lay faithful, are suffering as we wait patiently for the restoration of public Masses. In anticipation of that wonderful day, let us use this time to prepare our hearts to receive Our Lord in worthy fashion by praying to Jesus every day. Meditate upon his life in the Holy Rosary. Reconcile yourself to him in the Sacrament of Penance. Ask him to give you strength as you wait for him and know that he eagerly waits for you to be one with him very soon.

Assuring you of my prayers, I am sincerely yours in Christ,

+ Earl
Bishop of Lansing


BINGO….Back to Popular Demand~~

Back by popular demand, the seminarians (and Fr. Todd) will host bingo this Friday, May 8, at 7:30 p.m.
The Zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89032781154. As usual, the meeting will be open to join starting at 7:15, but bingo won’t begin until 7:30. The link for bingo cards (if you didn’t save them from last time) is: https://print-bingo.com/bingo-frame.php?cardSize=1×1.
We don’t have any prizes planned for this week but there will be a halftime show. It’s going to be a spectacle you won’t want to miss!

Fr. Todd Bulletin, May 10, 2020

Dear St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart,

Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day to all of our Moms this weekend!

A couple of weeks ago, I had another coronavirus-induced first: a classroom visit with our students at Sacred Heart via Zoom.  It was a great time of barely controlled chaos!  The theme I talked about with them was how May is a month dedicated to Mother Mary.

This month, when we see the world brimming with new life, we remember in a particular way Mary’s “Yes” that brought Jesus into the world.  This “yes” changed not only her life but also the whole world.  Her example is preeminent for us in showing us the openness we all strive for in our spiritual lives in being open to God.  Mary is above all the model disciple, showing us what it looks like to follow Jesus and let our lives be shaped by God’s will.

The shape that Mary’s discipleship took was the very thing our country celebrates today: motherhood.  Being a Mom shaped her life and also her eternity.  At the foot of the cross, Jesus entrusted the whole Church to her care when He told the disciple John: “Behold your mother!” Since then, Mary has topped the prayer chain of Christians as we ask for her care and intercession for us.

In 2010, there was a book that landed on the New York Times bestseller list called Heaven is for Real.  It is the real-life story of a little boy, Colton, who had a near-death experience during which he went to Heaven.  It is a powerful story and well worth the read.  I love a little snippet from the end of the book where Colton’s parents answer some follow-up questions people have asked:

“A lot of our Catholic friends have asked whether Colton saw Mary, the mother of Jesus.  The answer to that is also yes.  He saw Mary kneeling before the throne of God and at other times, standing beside Jesus.  ‘She still loves him like a mom,’ Colton said.”

That is an image of Mary’s eternity, Mary’s heaven.  There, kneeling before the throne of God or standing before Jesus, she loves Him and loves us like a Mom.

Today we want to take time to thank God for our own Moms who have also said yes and let their lives be shaped by that yes.  To thank God for all the many sacrifices we too often took/take for granted.  And hopefully, if your Mom is still living and you are able to see her, you can tell her thank you in person!


An Irish Blessing

There is but one and only one,
Whose love will fail you never.
One who lives from sun to sun,
With constant fond endeavor.

There is but one and only one
On earth there is no other.
In heaven a noble work was done
When God gave us a Mother.

– Author Unknown


God Bless,

Fr. Todd