Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, May 24, 2020

Congratulations to Deacon John Amthor! He was ordained a Holy Deacon 9 years ago.

At Sacred Heart School, we have been blessed by Deacon John in so many ways. He has been my mentor and guide through my beginning years as an administrator and I am grateful for all of his support. His wisdom and experience has led the school down a road for stability and success. Deacon John’s presence at SHS is a major factor for how we are able to serve the community of Hudson and the 70 families who rely on us to educate and inspire the Catholic faith to their children. I started to list off the many hats Deacon John wears but quickly realized there are too many to mention. Just know that he cares about the school and follows a vision and mission of bringing Jesus to any family who chooses to raise and educate their child in the faith. This is not an easy task and requires grueling work behind the scenes. Deacon John does this work with very little recognition and his humility is contagious; creating the culture of the school that is driven by mission and not personal recognition.

Thank you Deacon John for creating a presence at the school that is inspiring and profound. We are so blessed by your call to serve our staff, children and families in ways that are both tangible and divine. We look forward to continuing our growth together and are excited about the unlimited future growth of Sacred Heart School. You have made a legacy here that we will preserve and hold dear to our hearts.

May God Always Bless You,

Anne Atkin, Principal


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