Tired of lockdown?

Tired of lockdown? Attend this three-day virtual conference and learn to LIVE FREE, sponsored by the Diocese of Lansing. 

MAY 26-28 on ZOOM


Choose Your session:    9:30am—11:00 am OR 8:00pm—9:30pm



In the context of this virtual retreat, you will apply Gospel principles to your own story in three simple steps.

Lay it down

Surrender everything to God––your problems, your pain, your pride, your dreams, your relationships, your deepest desires, your past, your present, your future, your eternity.

Let it go

Receive once and for all the mercy of Jesus and find freedom from guilt, shame, condemnation, insecurity, hopelessness, and fear. Then pass it on!

Make new choices – yes & no

Turn away from ways you’ve cooperated with evil and renounce sin, unhealthy ways of coping, and lies about who you are and what you’re really made for. Say no to the enemy’s terrible plan for your life.

Say yes to freedom, to right living, to truth; say yes to God’s good plans for you.


These three steps clear the way for the Holy Spirit to enter and restore what was lost, mend what was broken, heal what was damaged, unlock what was bound, and raise what was dead!


Each day consists of 30 minutes teaching, 10 minutes testimony, 20 minutes discussion, 10 minutes prayer. We will leave time at the end for Q & A if you would like to stay.


To register for this FREE event, go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/3-days-to-freedom-tickets-104781927566


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