Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, April 19, 2020

Dear Sacred Heart,

I know we are all missing each other terribly! As a Catholic school, we have developed a community that is guided by the Holy Spirit. During the school year, we cherish every morning that we can greet each other and pray together to get the day started. Morning prayer is when we share our deep concern for our loved ones, those who are hurting or mourning. We put God into the things in our lives that are bigger than us. We believe that God will take over and wrap the people or situation up in His love. It was the best part about being at Sacred Heart School. We use our gift of faith and open hearts to bring God to each day. Our students have a confidence about the way they pray; they know people are touched by God. We miss being together and we have felt lost. We simply cannot wait until we can be together again. As a staff, we continue to pray for our students, and we put God into their homes, the way He was here, at school.

Since March 13th, our students have continued to learn and have continued to grow in faith. As a staff, we send out a weekly newsletter to every family with encouragement from our teachers. In the newsletter, we have lesson plans, resources, crafts, recipes, videos and ideas to inspire learning at home. Families have sent us pictures and texts about the work the students have completed. SHS continues to maximize learning with projects that can be at home. We connect with our students using the mail system, online meetings and online messaging to collaborate and complete projects. We’ve had success with art, music and PE assignments done at home too. Our families continue to partner with us to make learning a priority for their children. As a team, we will be ready for next year!

We are utilizing Edmentum’s Study Island for distance learning. Study Island is easy to use, has awards and games for motivation and, better yet, is aligned to our curriculum and standards. Teachers have assigned specific lessons for math, reading, science(K-6th) and social studies (for older students). The lessons are taught with videos and online lessons that include flashcards and worksheets. This is a way for students to spend part of the day connected to Sacred Heart curriculum and they are accountable for their lessons. The plan for continued education proves that we can persevere through anything. Sacred Heart School is here to serve our community and we will continue to work together to inspire learning and faith.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


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