Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, March 1, 2020

At Sacred Heart, we talk a lot about building a strong soul. A soul that is strong is growing in virtue. A person who seeks God prays for Divine guidance. Lent is a wonderful time to talk about why we need to grow a strong soul. We have been marked by Christ as his own. We are meant to be on his team and worthy of his sacrifice and love. We are meant to be tough and follow Jesus all of the way to heaven.

We spent last week preparing for Lent by thinking about gratitude. What makes my life special? What makes this day brilliant? Who brings me closer to God? The answer is everything and everyone! That is gratitude! As we thought about ourselves and our own happiness, we felt stronger and more capable. It is true that being grateful has made it easier for the students to do school work, enjoy friends, be obedient. But Lent takes us a step further.

The world is full of pitfalls. It is easy to become glutinous, or selfish. To be rash in our words and actions, or lazy of mind and body. Before Lent began, I wanted the students to think about what they could do to help them be closer to heaven. It is different for each of us and I wanted them to really pray about it. They came up with some pretty unique ideas: Be more obedient * Stop complaining * Go to church every Sunday with my family * Replace 30 minutes of electronics with reading every day *Eat healthy food * Give up soda * Give up being lazy * Make my bed every day.

I asked the students to think about why it is important to see our Lenten promise through all 40 days. The answer is because Jesus loves us so much and he wants us to wonderful. By making one small change, we are telling our soul that change is possible. We do not have to stay stuck with a bad habit or a wrong idea. We can be better. We can grow.

We wrote our Lenten promise on a piece of paper and Mrs. Schutte strung them together to hang down the center hallway where we gather to pray. We know we will need to support each other as we keep this promise. Let’s grow together this Lent.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


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