Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, February 2, 2020

Bless all Catholic school teachers and help them to nurture the faith of our children. Give them the wisdom to pass on their own knowledge and experience and show our children your love. Amen.


During Catholic Schools Week, the students shared many experiences that brought them closer to God as they promoted the school they love.

Parish Day –  We celebrated an all-school Mass- the students were lectors, servers, and greeters. Our staff and families volunteered in the kitchen to cook breakfast for the parish. This morning felt special because God’s grace was with us. We also added a bake sale sponsoring the 5th/6th grade trip to Mackinac Island. With this many moving parts it is easy to feel overwhelmed or nervous but we just felt joy. Joy as the students prepared to read. Joy as we worked together to prepare a meal. Joy as we celebrated Mass together.

Community Day – The whole school prayed special prayers for all that serve or community or who need the extra help of God’s presence through difficult times. Baskets of appreciation were delivered to community members who help our school. The students loved seeing the gratitude on the faces of the people who received a basket.

Student Day – The day was spent celebrating the blessings that each student brings by being an important member of our school. The 5th/6th graders cooked lunch for the students, we wore Sacred Heart shirts and watched a movie in the gym at the end of the day.

Nation Day – We said a special prayer for our God founded nation. We prayed for our government leaders to feel the Holy Spirit and open their hearts to the great worth of human life and human freedom. All students watched a video about important events in American History.

Vocations Day – The students heard from Deacon John and Father Todd about their call to vocation. They told personal testimonials that helped the students to understand the beauty behind being called to do God’s work. Student from Siena Heights University Women’s Soccer Team came to SHS during the week to talk to the students about faith and the blessings of attending a Catholic University to play sports. A huge thank you to the Soccer Team. The students also made Rosaries in art class to take home.

Faculty, Staff and Volunteer Day – We all came together to have lunch and share how blessed we feel to work with people who respect, support and pray for each other. We feel the purposeful weight of educating our students and we are so grateful to have the support from each other. We finished the week with the 5th/6th grade service project of cleaning the Hudson Food Pantry and then sharing dinner and some fun together.


It truly was a memorable and spirit filled week. Our hearts are bursting with God’s love and we our more aware of our abundant blessings because of it. Thank you for all of your support!


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


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