Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, January 12, 2020

Humility Gives Us Strength

Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist, there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance.  -St. Augustine

Humility is the foundation for all spiritual growth. It is our willingness to build all thought based on the truth. In morning prayer, we talked about humility and how to be humble. What is humility? It is definitely not about lacking confidence or being weak. It is an obedience and reverence to proper authority. It is an understanding that we have an infinite amount to learn and we are willing to be enlightened by all that we encounter.

We have so many examples in the world, even as children, where humility is not being considered. Much of our struggle with humility comes from desire. Desire to be honored, revered, loved. We see people enjoying these things and we think happiness in not possible unless we are one of them. But most of the struggle with humility comes from our personal fears. Fear of being humiliated, forgotten, wronged, ridiculed, unloved. The fear that others will be chosen and I, left alone. The fear that others will gain esteem and I will be unimportant.

It is easier to be humble if we start with God’s unwavering love for each of us. The students are familiar with the knowledge that God has made each of them to be special and perfectly ready to be drawn back to Him. They know that the person standing next to them in prayer is as special as they are and this makes humility possible.  The reason humility is an essential building block for all growth is that humility is truth. Truthful humility gives us strength because it sets our soul firmly in God’s hands. Our worth does not come from an award or opinion; an achievement or praise. Our worth comes from the truthful actions we take every day that only God can truly see. I asked the students a very silly question. I asked how many of them tried to lie to God during prayer. Have you ever tried to persuade God to your side of the story so you could continue your lie? Of course, they looked at me like I had lost my marbles. You would never attempt to fool God in prayer because He already knows. He already knows that you have sinned and He still loves you. But when I asked if we had tried to justify our behavior by telling a friend our side of the story, they knew what I was getting at. Telling a friend our troubles can calm our emotions but it is not getting to the truth of the situation.  So, in order to be humble we must pray. Prayer gives us the truth and the dignity to handle our truth. Prayer gives us the power to develop empathy and consider other people as we grow. It is so simple and pray is the answer. God will always give the best advice.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


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