Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, December 15 2019

Sacred Heart Families,


The school kids are learning about the coming of Jesus at Christmas with our Jesse Tree in the hallway. In the morning, we focus on one bible story that prepares our hearts for Christmas. One of the ornaments we attach to the Jesse Tree is the Tablets of the Torah. When God gave Moses the ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai, it was a covenant for the Israelites and they are still God’s law for us today. The Ten Commandments show Catholics how to live a life of love. The first three commandments show us respect and love for God. The last seven show us how to love and respect ourselves and others. While the ten commandments show us how to live, they also show us all of the ways we can sin and our need for a savior. We cannot be out living our lives and avoid all sin. Following the commandments and living within this covenant is not possible unless we have Divine intervention. We need help.


That is why Jesus is the best gift you can receive at Christmas. God sent us his son so we can have an example of how to live God’s law perfectly, exactly the way God intended. Jesus came to rescue us. God knew that we could not follow the commandments alone, so he did it for us. That is why we pray to avoid or to be forgiven for sin. We have all of the help that we need to live our covenant with God. The birth of Jesus is our truth, our breath and our hope that we will be connected back to God.


When we trust in the work of Jesus, God sees us as perfect because we are given Christ’s perfect love. As we wait for Christmas, it is a great time to think about how hard life would be without Jesus. How lonely we would feel when we sin or when we are in despair. Jesus is our answer and our guide to true love. Jesus comes to us at Christmas and we have every reason to celebrate. Our savior is born!


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Sacred Heart School

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