Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, November 17 2019


To everyone who bought a table package, ticket or sponsored the event, Sacred Heart School is grateful! We strive to be worthy of your hard earned donations.  We know that you do not have to support the school and we are inspired to achieve a high level of excellence because you believe in us.  We appreciate the confidence you have in us to be good stewards of your donation and to use your support to bring every person associated with the school closer to Jesus.

A huge thank you to Tammy Houser for creating the program and attending to every detail. The front table team of Tammy, Carrie Town, Christie LaRussa, Judy Schutte and Nate Johnston were able to handle the details and recording of the raffle games without any disruption. Their ability to handle a fast paced raffle and seamlessly take care of all accounting is incredible.

The food for the Gala was delicious. Robert and Angela Czeiszperger have a gift for cooking amazing food on a large scale. We had so many complimentary comments and satisfied people. Your team of Michele Henning, Stacy Parker, and Lance & Jenn Tedora who worked so well together to create a magical meal.

Jen Loar and the confirmation students were excellent servers. They were professional, courteous and represented Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake well. Their parents should be proud. Thank you to Jen Loar, for the smooth delivery of hot food to all of the tables. What an amazing blessing of service your crew provided.

Thank you to the Sacred Heart Staff for supporting and volunteering. Also, to Deacon John and Kimberly Amthor for watching 25 of our children so their parents could be at the Gala. A school is only as good as the people who teach and run the day to day operations. Because of the wonderful people who see their job to be a vocation, to bring Jesus to our students, we are inspired to spread that joy to everyone we meet.

To Lynn Townsend from A Happening by L&L, and her crew, for donating the décor and dinnerware needed to transform the Church Hall into a beautiful banquet hall. Thank you!  Lynn was inspired by the historic architectural beauty of the hall and wanted to showcase the original craftsmanship. The room was comfortable and elegant.

To Sarah Martinez and Rebecca Shields for playing the violins again at the entrance of the Hall. We absolutely love the ambience created when you both play for us. Thank you!

Thank you to Father Todd and the Koenigsknecht family for their unwavering support of the Gala and for allowing us to auction a tour of the family farm every year.

A special thank you to The Posy Shop, Temperance Distillery, and Garland’s Flowers for the extra care you gave to make the Gala beautiful and special. Thank you to CR Motors, Butch’s Sports Bar, Wright’s Plumbing and Chres Reuter for working with me and giving just what we needed to bring people to the event. You are such great friends of SHS!

To all of you who gave generously during the Gala, thank you for coming and sharing your joy with us.  My heart is overflowing! May God continue to bless this event and guide our intentions.


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


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