Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, September 8 2019

Dear Sacred Heart Families,

The moment you look at your child the first time; it is clear that you will never be the same. This little person, who is so fresh from God, is yours to love. While we work to raise our children, love is taking on a much larger meaning than we knew possible. The journey of love that new parents are about to take is tough. We quickly find out that love is not easy. Love is giving. It is giving so much that you might lose yourself along the way. That is okay, you are supposed to. What fills back in is the unconditional love of God that knows no limit and no boundary. By loving this much, you are growing in faith and grace and mercy; things that are all so good for the soul. When we love, the way God does, we become strong and we are able to handle anything the world can throw at us.

What we must remember is that this love is flowing freely all around us. You can never give so much love away that you run out. The whole time you are sacrificing your time, efforts, energy, “me time”, etc., you are receiving God’s love back. God will never stop loving you. Not for a second of the day. He will always give you everything you need to love the way He does. When we make the sign of the cross, it is a reminder of love. Love from our wise Father who guides us and protects us. Love from Jesus, who teaches us with patience and understanding. Love from the Holy Spirit, who gives us the energy and people we need to live our life with courage and faith. God is love. He doesn’t love us only when we are lovable or when we are being good and kind. He loves us always! Through the sin and the dark mistakes, He loves us the same way. We are meant to love the way God does.

We begin the school year talking about love. We think about what love is and how we can follow Jesus’ commandment to the disciples. “Love one another; as I have loved you” (John 13:34–35). It is this love that will protect our children and keep them strong when they doubt who they are. They are loved!

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal



Act of Love

Oh my God, I love you above all things,

With my whole heart and soul, because you are worthy of all my love.

I love my neighbor as myself for the love of you.

I forgive all who have injured me and I ask pardon of all

Whom I have injured.



Deacon’s Corner, September 8 2019


We are finally at the last reason to consider why God is real from the book The God Answers.  Reason No. 5 of five is Personal Experience.”  For doubters, this is the hardest one to accept.  They think the idea of talking to God is absurd.  The author of the book shares his personal experience with God.  I’ve shared mine with you before, and it was so powerful I would like to share it again.  It happened with my dear friend, Mr. Bob, who is now home with the Lord.

Mr. Bob’s life was a struggle. He had his health issues.  He lived with his daughter.  His dad was hit and killed by a car when he was 7.  Mr. Bob survived the Great Depression and World War 2.  His marriage and business failed.  His children left the church.  At 90 years old, his heart was bad and he walked with a cane.  Despite all his setbacks, Mr. Bob was a faithful Catholic who loved the Lord.  He enjoyed life and considered me a son.

Mr. Bob and I were praying together one afternoon in the chapel at a men’s retreat.  He sensed I was troubled and asked me what was wrong.  He knew I was studying to be a deacon.  I told him I was scared.  How could I ever do what God would ask of me?  Could I visit people in prison and the hospital?  Could I feel the pain of the poor and the helpless?  Could I preach the Gospel, provide comfort at funerals, and pray with families as their loved one was dying?  Was this really what God wanted me to do?  And what if I failed?  After listening to me, Mr. Bob gently leaned over until our faces were only a few inches apart.  His face was wrinkled.  He looked worn and tired.  His hair was grey and thinning, and his beard needed a trim.

Then something glorious happened.  Mr. Bob’s face became perfect and dazzling, glowing with awe and tranquility.  I knew just then that everything would be OK.  Then, it struck me – I was face-to-face with GOD!  In a gentle but reassuring voice, Mr. Bob said, “You can put all those fears aside.  You’re going to make a hell of a deacon!”  He put his arm around my shoulder. I was at peace and not afraid any more.  Then, as quick as it began, it was over.  Mr. Bob looked at me with his wrinkled face, grey and thinning hair, his beard still needing a trim and said, “Now, let’s go get dinner.”

Some people believe I saw God.  Others politely say, “Now that’s a nice story,” and walk away.  Still others tell me it only happened because I wanted to believe it did.  Maybe so.  But I do know that my experience with Mr. Bob, and others like it, are enough evidence to convince me there is a God, and God wants to have a relationship with me.  He wants to have one with you, too.

The Bible says everyone can experience God if they sincerely look for Him: “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you”. (Matthew 7:7). Some people really want to believe in God.  They want assurance they are not alone in this universe.  Others have an equally strong desire NOT to believe in God.  The thought of an all-powerful Creator cramps their style.  Admittedly, the five reasons for why God is real are not a slam-dunk case, but they do present some strong evidence to His existence.  For me, it takes more faith to believe there is no God than believe there is.  What about you?  Is God Real?

Deacon John


Parish News & Events


The Annual Fall Dinner will be held Sunday, October 6.  Noodle Making will be Monday, September 16 at 6pm!


Religious Education to Start October 6!

Religious Education classes will begin on Sunday, October 6th for Grades 1 through 8.  As with previous years, classes will take place on Sunday mornings from 9:15 am to 10:30 am in the school.  Catholic Adult Formation Education (CAFÉ) will also begin in October.  CAFE classes meet in the Parish Hall during the same time as children’s religious education.  Watch the bulletin for further details about schedule and registration.




The first class for the Confirmation Students will be Sunday, Sept 22 at 6:30 p.m. at Sacred Heart School. We will be meeting from 6:30-8 p.m. Any questions please contact Jen Loar 517-673-1185 or



RCIA ~ Sessions will begin Tuesday, September 10.  If you are planning to attend the sessions, please call Linda Higgins at 517-286-6426. I would like everyone registered by September 1 so I know what supplies are needed.


Altar Rosary Society will be meeting on Monday Sept.9th at 1:30 pm. All ladies of the Parish are welcome. We will be discussing the Roast Beef Dinner.  Questions, please call Janice Wilson  517-306-0684


Unbound Ministry

Live Free! Unbound Ministry.  Deliverance is a GOOD WORD! Many Christians think the ministry of deliverance is only for special cases, people with serious problems. The truth is that we ALL have a serious problem: SIN. Both our own sins and the sins of others keep us from living the life God always intended us to live.  Attend the Live Free! Conference on OCTOBER 26/27, 2019 at St. Mary’s in Williamston, MI (near Lansing) and unlock your life! Go to Live Free! Unbound Ministry on the web or search Live Free, Lansing on Eventbrite for information, registration and e-announcements.

SAVE THE DATE:  LIVE FREE! is coming to St. Anthony of Padua in Hillsdale next year:  FEBRUARY 28-29, 2020.   Details available after Labor Day.

At St. Anthony: THURSDAYS beginning September 12 through October 17 from 6-8pm UNBOUND STUDY GROUP. Learn more about the Unbound Ministry Model from real live speakers from Live Free Unbound Ministry (Michigan).


WHAT IS UNBOUND? A 1 hour DVD Introduction to Unbound Prayer

At St. Mary on the Lake, Manitou Beach SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 Parish Hall 11am.

At Sacred Heart, Hudson SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 in the Parish Hall following the 11am Mass.  Pizza lunch provided.

OCTOBER 19, SATURDAY at St. Anthony, Hillsdale 8:30am-3:30 pm UNBOUND CONFERENCE DVD Series: The FIVE KEYS

Questions? Call or Text Nancy DeBacker at or 517-262-4528





How is God speaking to you through the Sacred Scriptures?   Start your journey through the Bible with the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan (CBSM)’s new class on Tuesdays 7-9 pm at Holy Family Parish in Adrian, starting Sep 17 or through a fully Online/Virtual option.

CBSM brings the Scriptures to life with in-depth study of the entire Bible led by seminary professors, so that we can Unleash the Gospel with confidence and joy! Through donations, CBSM is open to all, regardless of ability to contribute financially.

Sign up by Sep 4th at, or by contacting | 586-438-3085.






**October 12**

HOPE RESTORES – Catholic Women’s Conference

 Deanna McCrate, Regional Core Captain for the Diocese of Lansing, is in need of someone to serve as Sacred Heart Parish Captain.  It’s a very simple, but very rewarding undertaking. The task simply requires promoting the Catholic women’s conference with in our parish.  You will receive a packet with posters and Parish Captains information to pass along to the ladies of our parish.  She is more than willing to meet with you or speak with you over the phone if you have questions.

The main goal is to make sure every that all women/ or young ladies in our diocese is made aware of the opportunity to attend the catholic women’s conference (CWC).

The CWC invites women throughout Michigan to refuel, reconnect, rejoice and restore their hope in the Lords grace to make them strong firm and steadfast. This year’s conference is called Hope Restores.  Women, especially in this time and age, trying to raise good and holy families need to open their hearts to our healing Lord so that he can Strengthen their reserve to in times of despair in their personal lives and in these sad times within mother church.

If you are interested, you may contact Deanna directly at 810-287-7272 or email to OR you can call the parish office and we will relay the info to Deanna.




SEPTEMBER 25, 2019


St. Patrick’s Brighton

Christopher West (well-known Catholic speaker on Theology of the Body) and Mike Mangione. More information at

Fr. Todd Homily, August 18 2019

Gospel LK 12:49-53

Jesus said to his disciples:
“I have come to set the earth on fire,
and how I wish it were already blazing!
There is a baptism with which I must be baptized,
and how great is my anguish until it is accomplished!
Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth?
No, I tell you, but rather division.
From now on a household of five will be divided,
three against two and two against three;
a father will be divided against his son
and a son against his father,
a mother against her daughter
and a daughter against her mother,
a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law
and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”