Fr. Todd Bulletin, September 29 2019

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s Families,

This week, September 30-October 3rd (Monday-Thursday) Fr. Tomy and I will be gone for the annual priest convocation.  We will not have daily Masses those days.  Please pray for us this week!

A question we all have is how to build our relationship with Jesus.  When that phrase comes up- “personal relationship with Jesus” does that describe my own relationship with Him?  This is after all the basis of what it means to be Christian.  Before anything else we are called to be with Him and then from that relationship we go out and serve. Periodically then we need to participate in encounter opportunities- events where we can go and encounter Jesus and His love in a personal, life changing way.  I want to strongly encourage two opportunities coming up in October.

First is the women’s conference-  This will take place on Saturday, October 12th at the Lansing Center in Lansing Michigan. Here is a brief testimony shared by Becky after attending a previous women’s conference:

“Becky had anticipated a quiet day of speakers and reflection. Instead, the day’s events thrust her into a very emotional and unexpected awakening. Until the conference, she hadn’t realized what a box she had built around her heart due to all the stress she was experiencing. “During the conference, it was like the protective shell I erected was cracked. Prior to this day, I thought I had to be in control and do it alone. I suddenly realized I have this partner – God – to help me get through everything.”

The theme, God’s Desire, was palpable throughout the day and wedged into her heart. “My life had been so focused on everything going on around me that I hadn’t thought about myself or spent a lot of time with God. I was feeling guilty that I wasn’t a good enough mother, wife or daughter. I was frustrated that I didn’t have enough focus for each aspect of my life.” Becky became unshackled from her negative self-talk. She came to understand God’s loving desire was to have an active relationship with her. “Since the women’s conference, I have conversations with God every day. I listen and reflect. Now when I wake up, before I even get out of bed, I pray for God’s guidance to get me through my day.””

The second opportunity is Holy Fire great Lakes which in Bowling Green Ohio on Sunday, October 13th.

Holy Fire is a national Catholic one-day faith experience for middle school youth, developed in collaboration with a host diocese and nearby regions. Its mission is to ignite the hearts of young people with the love of Christ and to inspire them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in the world.

I encourage you to send your 6-8th grader to this one-day experience of dynamic speakers, music, and the sacrament of the Eucharist like they have never before experienced. At Holy Fire, young people will be invited and challenged to embrace their baptismal call and embrace the relevant and powerful gospel of Jesus.

These opportunities are transformative.  Whenever we intentionally set aside time for the Lord, He will respond by giving us grace and strength in ways we cannot imagine.  (FYI- the Men’s conference is in February)


God Bless!

Fr. Todd


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