Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, September 1 2019

Dear Sacred Heart Families,

We are off to a very good start. The school year has begun and we are clear about one thing. God is good! We are so blessed to have sweet, smart and well behaved students in the building. We are excited to have Bishop Boyea here next Friday at 11:00am for our Children’s Mass. A special thank you to Catholic Charities for hosting the Senior Mass at Sacred Heart Church this year. If you are a senior, please join the children as we celebrate. Lunch will be provided after Mass for the seniors.

This week we celebrated the feast days of St. Monica and St. Augustine during morning prayer. It is inspiring to hear how a mother’s love and dedication can change the life of her son and give him the strength he needs to be amazing. The life of Augustine reminds us that we are not only given the gift of mercy but when we accept it, we can make the world better. St. Augustine was one of the smartest people who ever lived, but even after changing his sinful ways, he could not forgive himself enough to be a saint. It was only because of St. Monica’s relentless prayer that he was accepting of God’s unconditional love. It is this love that inspires us to do great things. So this week, we remember to pray and to never give up on praying for people who need our prayers. We are reminded that, even sin cannot keep us from being loved by God.

Our goal for this year is to increase our Catholic identity and to share our faith with our families as often as possible. Father Todd, Deacon John and I have scheduled special events that begin with Mass, confession for students in 3rd through 6th grade, Adoration and Holy Hour, and an Instructional Mass. We are adding beautiful artwork to our halls to inspire us to put Jesus in all parts of the day. As always, faith is woven into the instruction in the classrooms by our teachers and the students are encouraged to grow in virtue. The staff attended the KERYGMA retreat, 4 Levels of Happiness and Echo the Good News together this summer. We have had the chance to become more prayerful and to grow spiritually.

Be sure to look at the upcoming events for more information on growing in faith!

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


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