Fr. Todd Bulletin, August 18 2019

Dear Sacred Heart,

It is hard to believe that the summer has been going so quickly!  I want to say thank you to everyone who has been dropping off fresh fruits and vegetables over the course of the summer.  Starting with the asparagus in early summer they have been a great addition to our meals.  (While we have had seminarians to feed this summer, I must admit that sometimes whatever was dropped off didn’t make it past me!)

Last weekend was our mulching party working on beautifying our landscaping and preparing the playgrounds for the new school year.  Thank you again to Matt Shaffer who let us borrow his bobcat.  Plus, I do enjoy the tractor time.

Sacred Heart has a rich history of people who has helped build up and support our parish.  It has been a blessing to hear the stories and see what people are doing now to be a good steward of what was given to us.  This has particularly been on my mind since a meeting last week with Tom Meredith who has been working on a labor of love for our cemetery.

Part of the history of Calvary cemetery is that it is actually the third cemetery our Catholic Community has had.  It was preceded by a cemetery at Catholic Hill and on the East Side.  When Calvary Cemetery was dedicated buried parishioners were disinterred and moved from those to other sites to the current location.  Since our parish started with the purchase of one acre of land in 1847 you can imagine the variety and nature of records that have been kept through the different locations our Churches and cemeteries.

In 2012 Tom Meredith began the task of collecting all the pertinent records and maps of past and current cemeteries and assembling from them an accurate account of who is buried in our current cemetery and where.  As a part of this process he researched and helped Sacred Heart purchase a cemetery software program.  He input all of the past information so you can easily search for and find who is buried where.  New information can be easily added to the program so we will have a precise record going forward.

Tom’s work took place in the context of the cemetery committee that over the past few years has been caring for the cemetery with numerous repairs and improvements being made.  This is an important part of our parish that we need to continue building up and caring for.  I particularly think of the beautiful Mass we celebrated there this past Memorial Day.  It is a place of peace and rest.

Thank you, Tom, the cemetery committee, and all those who care for our cemetery!

God Bless,

Fr. Todd


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