Fr. Todd Bulletin, August 11 2019

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Thursday, August 15, 2019. The Assumption honors the moment when Mary was taken body and soul into heaven. She is the model of the Church and a good example for every Christian. Let us join together in celebrating the Heavenly homecoming of the Blessed Mother!

Vigil Mass ~ Wednesday, August 14

6:00 pm at St. Mary on the Lake.

Holy Day Masses ~ Thursday, August 15

8:00 am at Sacred Heart

9:15 am at St. Mary on the Lake

6:00 pm at Sacred Heart

On a different note, Bishop Boyea has asked every parish to participate in collecting signatures for a citizen’s petition drive that will initiate legislation to prohibit the dismemberment abortion procedure.  Next weekend, August 17th and 18th there will be volunteers helping collect signatures after our Masses.

Below is part of an article from Faith Magazine describing the petition drive:

“A citizen’s initiative petition drive to prohibit the dismemberment abortion procedure in Michigan has now begun. Dismemberment abortion is a particularly gruesome procedure that deserves no place in civilized society. It involves tearing a live baby apart limb by limb inside the womb and individually removing each of its body parts. This petition drive, operating under a committee named Michigan Values Life, is organized by Right to Life of Michigan and is supported by Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC). We are presenting this information about the petition drive to encourage parishioners to coordinate petition drives, and to ask everyone to sign a petition.

In order to propose a ban on dismemberment abortion to the Michigan Legislature, the signatures of approximately 340,047 registered voters must be gathered within 180 days of July 26. The goal is to gather 400,000 signatures throughout the summer and early fall.”

You can access the full article from Faith Magazine here:

Whenever we talk about abortion it is important to highlight the healing and forgiveness God longs to bring to those who have been a part of an abortion.  One of the great ministries available to help women and men experience this healing is Rachel’s Vineyard.  For both women and men that I have talked with the healing retreats offered by Rachel’s Vineyard was a pivotal experience.


God Bless,

Fr. Todd


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