Deacon’s Corner, August 11 2019

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been writing about the five compelling reasons that God is real from the book “The God Answers.”   So far we covered two – The Universe and The Creator.  The universe did not just come into existence by chance.  It’s big and beautiful, and all of its parts work together very well.  Everywhere you look, the universe is saturated with a beauty that reflects the Creator Himself – God.  This week, Reason No. 3 – Our Sense of Morality.

Morals are the standards we set to determine right from wrong.  They define acceptable behavior in a particular situation.  Values are how well we follow our morals.  Morals are the “what” we should do.  Values are the “how” we do it.  For example, in this statement – “I’m going to tell the truth by being honest” –  telling the truth is a moral (the “what”).  Honesty is the value (the “how”).  Everyone has morals.  Not everyone has values to obey them fully.  Having moral standards that are higher than our ability to keep them points towards a Moral Standard-Giver.  The Moral Standard-Giver is someone, or something, that sets off an alarm in our head to say “don’t do that!” even though we do it anyway.

Let’s take a look at our conscience.   I can’t tell you how many times I opened my mouth and my conscience said “don’t say it!” but I said it anyway.  I know what the right thing is, even though I don’t always do it.  Where does that sense of “right” come from?  This is the third reason to believe in God:  every human being has an innate moral standard that is higher than who they are.  Where did this standard come from?  Since it is impossible to invent or create something that is greater than we are (remember Reason No.1 and 2?), there is only one reasonable answer:  there is a Moral Standard-Giver who put this standard in us.  And that Moral Standard-Giver is God.

If you want some homework, look up paragraphs 1776 and 1777 in our Catechism and see what is says about your conscience.  (Here’s a hint: my conscience is more than my inner struggle to determine right from wrong.  When I listen to my conscience, I’m talking with God.)

Our sense of morality is given to us from God.  God IS real.  What do YOU think?  Next week, Reason Number 4 – Jesus.

Deacon John


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