Deacon Corner, August 4 2018

Is God real?  Last week, I began sharing five very compelling reasons for God’s existence from the book “The God Answers.”  The first reason, The Universe, is a powerful pointer to the existence of God.  It’s big and beautiful, and all of its parts work together very well.  Everything in it was created by something else and depends on something else.  The cause of all this must be something uncreated, eternal, and self-sufficient.  The only being that could fit such a description is God.  This week, Reason No. 2 – The Creator.

Everything created – houses, clothes, automobiles, artwork, music, you name it – tells you a lot about whoever created it.  That’s the gist of the second reason for the existence of God – every design reflects its designer.  The beauty and complexity of the universe point not only to a God, but hint at what God must be like.  Chart the path of the stars, measure the decay rate of an atom, examine the laws of physics.  Everything in the universe is well-ordered, precise and complex.  Stare up to the night sky, walk along a beach at sunset, put a snowflake under a microscope.  Everywhere you look, our world is saturated with beauty.  These are pointers not only to a Creator, but also to the nature of the Creator – ingenious, beautiful, and detailed.

A good example is the banana.  The banana fits in your hand, even better than a Pepsi can which was designed by humans to do so.  The banana is curved toward the face to make the whole eating experience easier and convenient.  It’s thoughtfully made with a non-slip surface, and comes with a time sensitive indicator on the outside to let you know it’s condition before you even open it.  Green means “keep going”, yellow means “ready to eat”, and brown means “you’re too late.”  The banana has a convenient “pull tab” on top just like the Pepsi can, and is full of bodybuilding calories which are easy for the stomach to digest.  The banana wrapper peels into four pieces and hangs perfectly over your hand.  Unlike the Pepsi can, the wrapper is bio-degradable and will, in time, enrich the soil it grew in.  If left uneaten, the banana is pre-programed to reproduce itself into a whole new fruit-bearing plant which makes it a virtually inexhaustible food-producing source.

Plato decided it was reasonable to believe in God based on “the order of the motion of the stars, and of all things under the dominion of the mind which ordered the universe.”  Sir Isaac Newton said, “When I look at the solar system, I see the earth at the right distance from the sun to receive the proper amounts of heat and light.  This did not happen by chance.”  In talking about God, the Bible says, “Your workmanship is marvelous!” (Psalm 139:14)  From looking at the design of the banana and the universe, there must be a God who is brilliant, creative, and thoughtful.  A Creator who loves to delight us though our wonder, curiosity, and senses!  What do YOU think?  Next week, Reason Number 3 – Our Sense of Morality.

Deacon John


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