Anne Atkin, Principal bulletin, June 9 2019

It is Time for Summer

Summer vacation hasn’t always existed. In 1842 Detroit city kids hit the books 260 days of the year. It is commonly believed that summer vacation was not a vacation at all, but a time when kids stayed at home to work on the farm. This is a misconception. Kids went to school during the hottest and coldest months of the year and worked the fields in the spring and the fall. As cities were growing, the brick and concrete became very hot in the summer sun and families were traveling to the cooler countryside for relief from the heat. At the same time, Americans were enjoying more leisure time as labor unions were able to instill the eight-hour work day. Attendance was dwindling in the summer as classrooms were too hot, and by the turn of the century, schools had cut 60 days off of the school year. Businesses saw the opportunity for summer vacation and schools have been operating with a long summer break ever since. It is funny, at the time, the argument was being made that the brain is a muscle(correct) that could suffer from overuse(incorrect) the way workers were incurring injury resulting from repetition. (Reilly, L. 2017, May 3.).

No matter how we have ended up with summer break, it seems to be an important formula for child development. The students are ready to kick off their shoes and sleep in. They are ready to get dirty and lose track of the days. They want to catch frogs, ride their bikes, see the stars; to dream and imagine. We need to let them. Kids are using their brains in the summer in a way that is important. Independence is gained from making your own decisions without the constraints of a schedule and boundaries. Mix in some good reading time and work through a summer math book; voila! We are ready and eager when school begins again in August. Summer vacation is not only practical, but necessary.

May God bless you all this summer. Remember that your child is accustomed to praying every day at school. Pray with them this summer and feel the powerful effects of putting God into all situations.

We have truly been blessed this school year with so much joy and grace from our school and church families and we are grateful. Sacred Heart School is solid for next year! Our enrollment is growing and the facilities continue to be upgraded. Stop by and visit us this summer as we work to make the school excellent for the coming year!

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal

References: Reilly, L. 2017, May 3. Why Do Students Get Summers Off? Retrieved from


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