Fr. Todd Bulletin, May 26 2019

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s,

Our intern, Dan Lacroix, has been formally accepted as a seminarian for the Diocese of Lansing.  He will be attending Sacred Heart Seminary this coming fall. Since he is entering seminary with a college degree his seminary track will take six years – two years of Pre-Theology and then four years of Theology.  We will keep him and his discernment in our prayers.  This past weekend he visited the farm and returned largely unscathed!

Welcome back to all of our Summer parishioners at St. Mary on the Lake!  Memorial Day weekend we begin our summer schedule at the Lake with the addition of a Saturday evening Mass at 6pm.  This continues through Labor weekend.

On Memorial Day, weather permitting, we will have Mass at Calvary Cemetery in Hudson at 8am  (5560 Meridian Road Hudson, Michigan).  Please bring lawn chairs or a blanket for sitting on the grass.  If it is raining that morning, we will have Mass at       Sacred Heart Church.

On this Memorial Day weekend, I think particularly of friends who have lost siblings, for whom this weekend carries a particular weight.  Let us pray this prayer for all who have given their lives in the defense of our country and their families who remain.


Gracious God, on this Memorial Day weekend,

we remember and give thanks

for those who have given their lives

in the service of our country.

When the need was greatest,

they stepped forward and did their duty

to defend the freedoms that we enjoy,

and to win the same for others.


O God, you yourself have taught us

that no love is greater than that

which gives itself for another.

These honored dead gave the most precious gift they had,

life itself, for loved ones and neighbors,

for comrades and country – and for us.


Help us to honor their memory

by caring for the family members

they have left behind,

by ensuring that their wounded comrades

are properly cared for,

by being watchful caretakers of the freedoms

for which they gave their lives,

and by demanding that no other young men and women

follow them to a soldier’s grave

unless the reason is worthy and the cause is just.


Holy One, help us to remember that freedom is not free.

There are times when its cost is, indeed, dear.

Never let us forget those who paid so terrible a price

to ensure that freedom would be our legacy.


Though their names may fade with the passing of generations,

may we never forget what they have done.

Help us to be worthy of their sacrifice,


O God, help us to be worthy.


– J. Veltri, S.J.


God Bless,

Fr. Todd


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