Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, April 14 2019

“Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

If you google “how to achieve balance in your life,” you will see 1.5 billion responses. It seems from the number of articles written, that many of us are missing something that is keeping us from tipping too far in one direction. This makes perfect sense to me because, in our current culture, much is expected out of each one of us. When the word balance is used as a noun, it means “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.” When balance is used as a verb, it means “to offset or compare the value of one thing with another (oxford dictionaries).” We live in a fast pace society and even when we are not actively participating, we can see easily what we are missing or what we should be doing. We are busier than we have ever been. Children are very accustomed to family schedules being managed daily. We are always on the go. So how do we achieve that balance so many of us desire? Why is balance so important to the human soul? We are intelligent humans who are designed by the divine. We are complex and seek enlightenment. The Bible says that the soul can work, crave food, eat, obey laws, and touch a dead body. (Leviticus 5:2; 7:20; 23:30;Deuteronomy 12:20; Romans 13:1) Those activities involve the entire person.

We are designed to need to fill all parts of our soul. We innately know this. We know when we are missing very large pieces and we are not moving forward. Balance is key. Listening to God will lead to balance and prayer is the most important thing we can do to achieve this balance. Finding balance does not mean mapping out our lives to include static growth in all areas. It is not a strategic plan to happiness. Balance means that we weave faith, learning, virtue, prayer, service, hard work, love and selflessness into everything we do. We live our life with passion and gratitude. Balance is not something to be achieved; it is to be lived. Balance is a way of life. It is a part of our mission at Sacred Heart School. Students are balanced: confidence of mind, academics and Catholic faith. Every policy, subject taught, event, field trip, discipline, etc. is looked at through the lens of balance. Are we weaving all parts of our student’s soul into everything we do? The answer has to be yes. It is who we are, it is what we do


Let’s keep praying for balance.

God Bless,  Anne


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