Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, April 7 2019

We would like to share some good news!

Last month, we applied for a grant from the Michigan State Police Competitive School Safety Grant Program.  This program provides funding to improve the safety and security of students and staff through the purchase of technology and equipment from a pre-approved list of projects and resources.  Two weeks ago, we were notified that our grant request for Sacred Heart School was approved to replace the entry doors, install an electronic access control system, and install an intercom system throughout the school.

The grants were provided through the state from a $25 million fund specifically to improve school safety.  In total, 366 applications received, requesting more than $46 million, for security enhancements.  Sacred Heart School was one of 230 applicants to be awarded a grant, and one of 5 schools in Lenawee County.  Grants were awarded based on need and the equitable distribution of funding throughout the state.  The 2019 awards included 135 public school districts, 66 nonpublic schools, 20 public charter schools and nine intermediate school districts or regional educational service agencies.

We are now in the processes of signing the grant contract documents and final planning of the project.  Construction will take place over the summer break in time for the upcoming school year. A special thank you to Deacon John for his work on the school safety analysis and crafting of the grant.  Stay tuned for more details.

May God continue to bless our school and parish!

Fr Todd/Anne

NOTE:  This project is supported by the fiscal year 2019 Competitive School Safety Grant Program, awarded by the state of Michigan and administered by the Michigan State Police (MSP). Points of view or opinions contained within this document do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the state of Michigan or the MSP.


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