Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, March 17 2019

Pre-School, Dev. Kindergarten & Kindergarten Open House

Sacred Heart Preschool is a kindergarten readiness program that is based in virtue. As our children develop, it is necessary that they grow closer to God. As they learn the days of the week, the colors of the rainbow, the letters of the alphabet and the joy of books, they are also learning how to behave in a way that brings their soul closer to God.

Sacred Heart has a formula of academic readiness and child development that works.  It is a mixture of obedience, courtesy, self-control and prayerfulness mixed with learning and play. By the time our students are in Kindergarten, they are already on the path to being eager learners who meet academic challenges.

 100% of our kindergarteners test proficient in reading and math. This is significantly higher than state standards and is higher than other Kindergarten classes in the diocese of Lansing.

We are proud to offer a wonderful readiness program to our community. Come to our Open House and see what makes us special!

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal




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