Deacon Corner, March 3 2019

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I used to tell my project teams – plan your work, work your plan, and begin with the end in mind.   So, with the first few days of Lent behind us, what is your plan and are you working it?  You know, “giving up” whatever it was, spending more time in prayer, or maybe opening your Bible and reflecting on Scripture?

Today in the Gospel, we hear the story of the devil tempting Jesus in the desert.  Satan attacked Jesus’ human side because he knew he would lose the battle with Jesus’ Divine side.  But Satan still lost anyway.  Our Catechism tells us through Jesus’ temptation, God is able to sympathize with our weaknesses because He has been tested in every respect as we have been tested, and Jesus won those tests.  It says “By the solemn forty days of Lent the Church unites herself to the mystery of Jesus in the desert.” (CCC 540)  Knowing all this, how can we not have a plan for Lent, and how can we not be working it?

The reason we make a plan for Lent is so when Lent starts we know what we are doing and not floundering around.  We plan our work.  We plan a trip.  We plan for holidays.  All this planning to envision the end and ensure success.  We have a plan to know that when we get to the end we have accomplished something and didn’t waste our precious time doing it.  So it only makes sense to have a plan for Lent.

Lent is a time to receive God’s grace by acknowledging our weaknesses and undergoing a spiritual revival to grow closer to God.  We plan for Lent so we won’t be surprised at the end and say “ooopps, I missed it, and all God’s graces that goes with it.”  What is your plan for Lent, and are you working it?  Because this is one project where failure is not an option.

Deacon John


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