Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, February 24, 2019

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The support of the 100 Club is a blessing. As you know, our parents make financial sacrifices to send their kids to a school that can put God into every part of the day. From the moment the doors open, the hallways and classrooms are filled with guidance from the Holy Spirit. It is evident from the joy on the student’s faces that they are guided to use their God given talents to meet challenges and live to their full potential.

Last year we were able to purchase all of the items on the teacher’s wish lists for their classrooms. We are so grateful for your generous support of the students and staff at Sacred Heart School.

This year the money received from the 100 Club will go toward the betterment of the gym. As you know, we have a large functional gym on the third floor of the school. The gym floor has been replaced in recent years and the students have a wonderful place for gym and indoor recess. With a fresh coat of paint and new tumbling pads, basketballs and jump ropes, we will have a fun, clean space for the students to run off extra energy.

To join the 100 Club, simply send your $100 donation to the Parish Office, marked 100 Club.  Your donation to the 100 Club can make all the difference to our students.

Thank you for your vision that Sacred Heart School will continue to inspire the next generation of faithful, lifelong learners.


May God Bless You,

Anne Atkin, principal


Fr. Todd Bulletin, February 24, 2019

Dear Sacred Heart Family,

The Knights of Columbus fundraiser was a fun and successful evening.

Fr. Tomy won a glider/rocker in one of the raffles (my ticket was only 5 numbers off of his!).  He has graciously put it in the living room for all of us to be able to use.  Thank you for participating and supporting the Knights and their many charitable works.

I spent this past Monday and Tuesday in Dewitt at the Diocese’s New Pastor Institute.  It was a great run down of the administrative responsibilities that come with being a pastor.  I had a couple of take-aways in particular.  First of all, having a thorough review/reminder of all the many details that need to be kept in mind in running a parish has reminded me how blessed we are with our excellent staff and volunteers.   They pour themselves out joyfully in caring for our parish.  One of the first things Fr. Joe told me when I called him this past June after getting the news from Bishop Boyea is how good the support system is here and how blessed I would be with the staff.  We are very blessed and I want to say thank you!

The second take away was a reminder of the simple foundational truth we need to keep in mind about why a parish exists.  A parish is present to initiate and foster a relationship with Jesus for the people in our geographic region.  That is and remains the mission of Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake, to help those in our communities’ encounter Jesus and have an ongoing relationship with Him. That is the umbrella under which all our activities take place and should be the evaluation of everything we are doing.  One good example of this is The Code of Canon Law which offers order Christian living so grace can work.  But the very last code in Canon Law states this- “the salvation of souls, which must always be the supreme law in the Church, is to be kept before one’s eyes”.  Yes and Amen. With all of the details that come with running a parish we can never lose sight of this truth.

Just before I made the move I had the opportunity to have some of my classmates pray over me.  As they prayed one of them had this word from God, it was our Heavenly Father saying “The table is set – just go and serve what I have provided”.  That image was and has been a great consolation.  The table is set for us – Jesus longs to pull each of us closer to His heart.  That is our goal, to provide these opportunities for each of us to meet Jesus more fully.  In this year of prayer please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to give us His wisdom that we might know the particular ways He is calling us to receive His grace.

God Bless,

Fr. Todd


Deacon’s Corner, February 24, 2019

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While reflecting on the Gospel reading from last Monday, I couldn’t help to think how much I can be like the Pharisees in the story.  They came to see Jesus and demanded he give them a sign from Heaven as a test of who He was.  Jesus gave a deep sigh and said, “Why does this generation ask for a sign? (Mark 8:11-13.)”

The Pharisees tested Jesus throughout the Gospels.  They wanted signs to prove he was really God, asked tricky questions, and tried to prove Him wrong.  But, why?  Before this encounter, Jesus performed miracle after miracle: cleansing lepers, healing paralytics, raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead, and immediately before this Gospel, feeding four thousand people with a few fish. What more could they want from Him? The Pharisees were looking for a specific sign that their place of honor in Jewish society will be rewarded with a powerful position in Jesus’ kingdom. They wanted Jesus to give them the power and honor that they feel they deserve.

Like the Pharisees, I often want signs from Jesus, too.  I make deals with him – if he does this, I’ll do that.  If I pray he takes away some suffering or hardship from my life, I’ll try harder to be a better person.  If I light a votive candle, my special request will be answered.  If I go to Mass every week, my life will go smoothly.  And if I do all these things, and nothing happens, if Jesus doesn’t give me a sign, well, maybe the Pharisees were right all along.  Maybe Jesus really isn’t God after all.

But Jesus doesn’t work this way.  Our relationship with Him can never be transactional.  It can’t be used to bargain or make deals.   Jesus, by virtue of being God, already has everything.  So, there is nothing we can give God that he needs.  But, we can give him what he wants – our love.  Look at the people in the Gospels who don’t expect anything but receive signs from Jesus. They don’t go to him with a list of reasons why he should do what they ask of Him.  They call out to Him.  They push through the crowds, they drop everything to follow Him to a remote hillside without any idea of how they’ll find dinner. They have faith that God will give them a sign, and they are right.  In return, they give Jesus their faith, hope, and love.  The Pharisees demand a sign, and they leave empty-handed.

What do we ask of God?  What deals do we try to make?  May we pray this week to not seek signs, but for the faith to believe God really does have a plan for us, and his plan is good.

Deacon John


Parish News

During Cafe on February 24, we will be discussing the science of life, social and church issues surrounding abortion.  All are welcome to join, 9:15am – 10:30am in the Parish Hall.



Altar Rosary Society will be meeting Monday, March 4 at 1:00pm in the Parish Hall.  All ladies of the parish are welcome.  For any questions, please call Jan Wilson at 517-306-0684.




  • February 26:  Stephanie Bean
  • March 5:  Stacy Parker


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Thank you to everyone who sent cards, called, or gave me gifts in celebration of my 95th birthday.  Love, Arlene Garr




Two opportunities are coming to attend a 7 week series: As By a New Pentecost, designed to help us grow in our under-standing of the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit acts in our lives and the life of the Church…Sacred Heart in Hudson (beginning Sunday February 24 from 1-3 pm) and St. Mary on the Lake, Manitou Beach (beginning Saturday, March 2 from 10 am-Noon). All are welcome! (Even if you attended a seminar in the past.) Great opportunity to meet fellow Catholics! To register please call Sacred Heart (517-448-3811) or St. Mary on the Lake (517-547-7496).





The next Prayer and Praise is scheduled for THURSDAY, MARCH 7 from 7-9 pm in the St. Teresa of Calcutta Room in the St. Anthony Education Building. Join us for SONG (mostly contemporary Christian), Prayer and Sharing how the Holy Spirit is acting in our lives.   This month parishioners from St Anthony and Sacred Heart, who attended the School of Healing at St. Patrick’s in Brighton, will share about their experience.  All are welcome. Invite a friend.  We plan to gather the first Thursday of every month through June.



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Life in the Spirit Seminar

“Send your Holy Spirit to form our parish as a community of missionary disciples… me to deepen my commitment as a disciple of Jesus”.


Two opportunities are coming to attend the 7 week series;  As By a New Pentecost designed to help us grow in our understanding of the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit acts in our lives and the life of the Church.  All are welcome!  It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow Catholics.  Call the parish office to register.


Sacred Heart will be on Sundays from 1:00 to 3:oopm, beginning February 24.

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Fr. Charles Irvin Writing Scholarship

Applicants: Catholic high-school seniors who are students at a diocesan Catholic high school and/or who are active participants in their parish’s youth group/religious education program.

This year, we want you to tell us a story about How You Encounter Christ in the Sacraments.

Deadline is April 8, 2019

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