Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, January 20 2019

Have I Told You How Much You Mean To Me Lately?

On Fridays during lunch, the school counselor, Marshall Hesslau chooses three students to be the recipients of positive affirmations. Without fail, each student chosen beams from ear to ear as they walk up to the large board where we will be writing positive words that apply to them. Hands go up across the lunchroom to say something nice about the chosen recipient. The kids tell the student how fast they are at recess or how smart they are in class. Hands go up to say they are nice or funny or the best brother ever. The kids just love it and the mood of the lunchroom is joyful and kind.

It is so simple. It so powerful. What do people think of me when they are thinking of my good qualities? We almost never get to hear it. And yet it means so much. A simple act of kindness or a pleasant thought that we actually tell the other person can truly alter a relationship. It can change it for the better and change a person to think about the good in themselves. It is contagious.

As we head into Catholic Schools Week at SHS, we are really pushing our positive thoughts and energy to the front of our brains. We want to reflect on the times when someone has been positive to us and use that energy to keep the affirmations moving forward. So we are challenging ourselves to think about the effort it takes to clear the sidewalks after a snow at the school. Or how the lunch lady is always on time and our food is always hot. Or how one of our classmates let us borrow a pencil. Or how my teacher is so patient and joyful and wants me to be great every day. Then, we want to think about how we can pass on the kindness. How can we make someone feel special with a small act of just noticing that they are special? During Catholic Schools Week we want to share our positive outlook for the people in our lives and we hope you will join us. Let’s open our hearts and let the goodness flow to our soul and our brain. We want to spring into action with positive actions and words. We want to make it a habit. I hope it is a habit our students will take with them for the rest of their lives. There is no better way to honor Jesus than to honor his people with an open loving heart. We cannot wait to share our positive affirmations with you.


God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


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