Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, January 13 2019

Is the Devil Trying to Ruin My Life?

We have all been in that place where family get-togethers or work relations, even friendships take a turn for the awkward or uncomfortable. Wait. What did you just say? When we spend a lot of time with people or interact with them often, it is almost inevitable that we will, at some point, offend them. Even the sweetest and nicest people are still human and can say or do something stupid. Pope John Paul II “Stupidity is also a gift but one mustn’t misuse it.” What does he mean? I am really not sure of the context of this quote but I cannot help to think that when we say something stupid we are really not being empathetic conversationalists. Easy to do, especially if you talk a lot. Ugh…why did I say something so stupid and offensive? According to Webster’s, stupidity is a lack of intelligence or common sense.  Common sense is a practical view and approach to ourselves, to other people, and to all aspects of living. It is how we deal with issues and problems, how we manage our own thoughts, our beliefs, our attitudes and how we cope with other people. Common sense is what we learn as we live. It is how we change for the better as a result of all of those lessons. Apparently, we can always gain more common sense, no matter how old we are.

But someone we know and enjoy is deeply offended by our stupid actions. Now what? A dark cloud has been placed over a once lovely relationship. We would gladly turn back the clock and never have offended anyone. Lesson learned. But it is too late. Somehow we will have to move past the hurt. It feels a bit impossible. I am hurt that you reacted the way you did. You are hurt because you feel judged or offended by my words or actions. The feelings are very dark and we are left heavy hearted. How do we keep the devil out of this severed relationship and get back to our warm sense of community provided by the Holy Spirit? Grace. Divine grace.  Grace is given when we ask for it. It is our free will to put God into these situations. We have an obstacle that is so difficult that we cannot remove it without special Divine help. So we dig deep and decide that love of good and fear of evil is what will heal us. This leads to forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others. Continue to ask for God’s grace and talk to trusted people who know how hard it can be to truly forgive and let the Holy Spirit into our lives. The rest will work itself out. Free your heart from the pain inflicted by being just plain stupid and let the Divine grace given to us by Jesus’ example be the light out of the darkness. It is okay to make deeply personal mistakes. It happens to everyone. It is what we do with our weakness that strengthens us. Our weakness can make us holy and asking for grace will bring us back to the people we love. God’s grace and forgiveness can keep the devil out of our relationships and keep us growing together even when it is very hard.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal



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