Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, January 6 2019

End of the Year Thank You

As 2018 comes to a close, it is with a huge heart that I acknowledge how filled with blessings we are at Sacred Heart School. It has been a year of growth and joy. This year we welcomed many new families, several from St. Mary’s on the Lake. Our families are high energy and supportive of the teachers and staff. They bring such optimism and love for Sacred Heart School and Catholic education. With our many partners, we have been able to create a school culture that yields strong academic and personal growth for our students. Many of our families are friends outside of school and have created bonds for their children that will last far into the future.

This year we have also been very blessed by our parish community and I am so grateful. We have had an outpouring financially, and prayerful outreach along with wonderful volunteers who are ready to support the school any way they can. We have had the opportunity to combine the school and church for many events and the outcome has been so fun.

Let’s continue to support each in 2019 as we grow and learn from each other.

Anne Atkin, principal


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