Christmas Schedule







4:30 PM

Servers:                  Sean & Adam Parker, Alex Czeiszperger

Lector:                      Angie Monahan

Eucharist Min:        Marie Hartley, Matt Monahan, Robert Czeiszperger

Min. of the Cup:     Kathy Timberman, Carol Weaver, Delmar Marry, One Needed


10:00 PM

Servers:                    Zach, Lauren and Hunter Houser

Lector:                      Trish Weaver

Eucharist Min:        Linda Higgins, 2 Needed

Min. of the Cup: Barbara Miller, Linda Patton, Sherry Kirkland,  1 Needed



9:00 AM

Servers: Bella & Angelo Moreno

Lector: Andrew Houser

Eucharist Min: Helen Wines

Min. of the Cup: Janice Wilson, Tammy Houser


December 29-30

4:30 PM

Servers: Ellie Schutte, Volunteeer Needed

Lector: Steve Kingsley

Eucharist Min: MaryAnn Kingsley

Min. of the Cup: Kathy Timberman, Melody Brown

8:00 AM

Servers: Olivia Marry, Haylee Shamplo

Lector: Ron Stacey

Eucharist Min: Jim Friedrich

Min. of the Cup: Sheri Walter, Jan Wilson

11:00 AM

Servers: Zach, Lauren & Hunter Houser

Lector: Ed Engle

Eucharist Min: Mark Houser

Min. of the Cup: Linda Higgins, Bob Gilson


January 1 ~ New Year’s Day

4:30 PM

Servers: Servers Needed

Lector: Cathy Hartley

Eucharist Min: Linda Higgins

Min. of the Cup: Janice Wilson, Tony Marry


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